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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

Obama: "this victory alone is not the change we seek it is only the chance for us to make that change."

Let's discuss the once in a millenium networking opportunity- 2 greatest microeconomists -one at top of superpowrr, the other most connected with the bottom bilion

Threads: how to map microgov & map codes of the 7 sustainability wonders of microeconomics century

FC=Partnering Top*Bottom

vote for the most essential ingredients of microcredit
1 a safe space in village for every 40-60 women microentrepreneurs - empowers social impact & once mobiles arrive the bank becomes rural networked - since 1996 Grameen has linked its 125000 village centres- 7 million members internetworking poverty-beating knowledge

2 members vote from the outset what they mean by sustaining community way above poverty - grameen's 16 decisions survey in 1980 ensured that microcredit connected with microeducation, microhealth, microenergy etc

3 bank branches are owned by the villages - this ensures that all of the productivity gains reinvest back in the community- none is siphoned off to city banks; it also makes arguments over lowest possible interest rate academic since true microcredit is investing back in community; it also means in Grameen's case that the Nobel Prize was shared by 7 million members as well as Dr Y!

4 know murphy's law of banking for the poor; if you don't relentlessly systemise around the very poorest, the less poor will edge out the poorest from defining the long-term mission, and the slightly richer will edge out the less poor and so on; murphy's law appear to extend to banking for all nations if regulations of banking don't protect the people on main street, global's wall street will compound risk on risk where professions increasingly make up rules and economics that are designed round big gets bigger


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what maps can do

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Opportunities and threats of health summits

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3/10 mobilising girl empowered communal heathcare

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drivers tests for banks

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Twist Up Economy Theory

Started by Farhat Abbas Shah Mar 18, 2012.

Blog Posts

A New Economic System

Twist up Economy Theory 

By: Farhat Abbas Shah

The persistent current economic crisis is pushing the global economy to adopt the way nature acts. Sometimes we find the resources by digging out the things, while any other time the nature through them out from bottom to upward. The failure of trickledown effect is also indicating the need of identifying a divergence to open any new headway of growth, productivity and a long term sustainability of…


Posted by Farhat Abbas Shah on March 18, 2012 at 5:15am

A New Economic System

Twist up Economy Theory 

By: Farhat Abbas Shah

The persistent current economic crisis is pushing the global economy to adopt the way nature acts. Sometimes we find the resources by digging out the things, while any other time the nature through them out from bottom to upward. The failure of trickledown effect is also indicating the need of identifying a divergence to open any new headway of growth, productivity and a long term sustainability of…


Posted by Farhat Abbas Shah on March 18, 2012 at 5:13am

Sustainable Capitalism - when means justify the end

First there's panic, then gloom sets in and is followed soon by resignation. The latest banker-led catastrophe aka the financial crisis is proof. There's no such thing as sustainable greed. Greed is greed - period. And it's reckless greed that got us here.

While the hand-in-glovers were busy amassing 'illusionary' wealth, there were several right-minded (no pun intended here) people that quietly went about their missions, and without their knowing accumulating 'karma'. Their passions… Continue

Posted by Sunil Malhotra on August 22, 2009 at 2:47am

Brad Meyer's Interview & Link on How Women are being Empowered in India, Bangladesh

This is is a great interview from one of my trusted friends Brad Meyer who loves to collaborate
with like minded people with the work he does, highlighting great inspiring case studies.

Posted by Robert De Souza on July 26, 2009 at 11:48am

Yunus Wiki on Social Business Models

Yunus is also the founder of Grameen Bank. In 2006, Yunus and the bank were ..... A World Without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism; ... -

Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus, a key proponent of the social business model, argues that capitalism is too narrowly defined.…


Posted by Robert De Souza on July 26, 2009 at 11:41am


can you help us hub useful knohow on what dr yunus SB book 1 called "future capitalism" but is now called global social business (partnering)

.Who can millennials learn from to end poverty? - Kim, Yunus, Farmer, Abed, Soros ...? you tell us

Partners in Publishing World Record Book/Games of Job Creation

2015Now : 5 billion people share an elearning satellite- what content of Global University of Poverty could who vote for and who produce? why not ever capital with a future be as openly collaborative with millennials as boston (dlab, PIH), or Kenya (IHUB or nanocredit, or Dhaka - and Or Haiti's Mirabelais? Why not every continent's leaders celebrate entrepreneurs the way theAmericas will in Panama April 2015, or the way Women4Empowerment web joyful visibility every day?

2015 Is the UN promising to close down if it doesnt help millennials make 2015 the greatest year of change since its foundation? Will Ted Turner family Nov 2015 Atlanta, youth and Nobel Laureates be the UN's final jury? Will the EU have the honor to die on its sword now its been exposed as haggard infertile grandmother married to a monetary pied piper? And could the BBCactually serve the world by representing peoples (and servant leaders) not political rulers)?

Millennials networks who have helped us most to find end poverty curricula - The Americas of, YABT,net and IADB's partnership with Blum Berkeley in making global poverty the fastest growing curriculum

Milennials inspired by Jim Kim and paul Farmer - see either the partbers in health space for open sourcing knowledge on te world bank;s millennials led summits, tedx, and open learing campus

The Catholic universities collecting cases that Pope Francis would value most because they innovate value multiplication way beyond MBA cases

The social movements of women4empowerment which were grounded in the economic miracle that emerged from 1971 out of the world's poorest 100+millionj nation through networking of vilage mothers and their children - thank you to the greatest living entrepreneurs of end poverty Muhammad Yunus and Sir Fazle Abed

help us charter most dangerous powers in world including mass media -  


. Your country has NO future growth wherever this natural law of human productivity is broken. Do you really want exponential collapse of sustainability to spin all your children have to look forward to? The good news and the bad news is 2010s presents an irreversible choice: invest in worldwide youth's most human uses of million times more collaboration tech than when man raced to moon or quit expecting nature to treat the human race as her favored partner in evolution

.help turn this ning into jotting pad of content students need to connect competition impacts in areas youth can most regenerate including bioenergy, nutrition, girl mobilised communal healthcare.....

..coming soon - hot do nexts of student teams profiled at  - .

2012 is our 40th year of research into future capitalism started by father's 20 years of surveys in The Economist from 1972- the Entrepreneurial Revolution Genre. We recommend that getting worldwide youth back to good jobs everywhere depends on changing the humanly most valuable purpose  sustainable of 13 markets first -3 for Growth: Energy, Colaboration Apps of Web-Tec, Smart Media and Edu,10 for preventing destrictive speculators: Healthcare including wastecare, Nutrition including access to food and water chains, banks and finacial services, entertainment and future of heroes, land and transparent politics of how its setwarded, transportion physical and virtual, other infrastructures, peace and personal security , do no harm professions, other things and services Nominate your capitals delegates most neded to inaugurate microeducationsummit if 2010s is yet to be youths most productive decade thanks to million times more collaboration tech 2012 year of biggest economics gambles since world war 2 - do you want to join in?Can 2010s be youths most productive decade?What are the top 50 collaboration projects that could make it such? Can we search them out and can we mobilise funding for those agreed as top 50 potential?Post Murdoch - changing economics of media - every day in every way peoples economics exercise 1: have you had enough of Ratings agencies controling who will lose their shirt next - why not help londoners help youth rate the sustainability ratings of the 11 Olympics Sponsors and their exclusive reponsibility for 11 global markets messagingParallel discussions 1 23

Collaboration: JOY OF ENTREPRENEURIAL REVOLUTION (ER) Catch up on yunus new vocabulary with 1000 readers of his 2010 Social Business book why Yunus centred networks are invited to collaborate in making 2010s the most exciting decade - the 60s gen only had the moon to race to; the net gen has planet earth and its people to unite round sustaining

2010s Most Exciting Decade:  SW OT12 Collaboration Partners in Sustainability's Rising Exponential - netgen star ratings below link discussion here & networks homepage

What is Purpose of? .. . DEBT HELP FEDCelebrate NewChange OldHi-Trust Macro.CP12ER Netizens

.CP4 Place LeadershipCP7 Collab Nation 7.1.CP11 Digi Youth Jobs 11.1 *** 11.1..CP5 Media foir Humanity 5.1.CP8 Goodwill Corporation.CP10 SB Prizes 10.1 CP6 Trillion$ Audit.CP9 Sustainability Uni.CP3 MicroSummit.CP2 Micro Foundation.CP1. Micro SB Bank



Strengths 1-3; Weaknesses 10-12; Opportunities 7-9; Threats 4-6 Thought for the Decade: President Obama: 16 April 2010: We know that without enforceable, common sense rules to check abuse and protect families, markets are not truly free Trillion $ audit has been open sourced since 1999 to unite professions around hi-trust rules and sustainability's rising exponential; MicroSB banks have demonstrated 10 times more economic community models since 1976; Hi Trust Macro Partnerships began with invitations by a Sustainability Uni and Nobel Laureate Dr Yunus in 2005; Entrepreneurial Revolution Netizens haven't quite got our act together yet in spite of 26 years of dialogues on this and the invention of www

What is  Yunus University? How does it connect Obama Uni and Clinton Uni?

How can whom get to know about 10 times more economical community marketing : fast track visiting 30 years of microeconomics learnings  in Bangladesh?

Can youth’s greatest sustainability goals for 2010s be connected through Yunus Uni and microecomic and other global tech resources : corporations, nations?

What other connections do we need to design into new media and reform from 20th Century’s separated age of professional rules? (primary social business log by sector & partner)

Global Institute of SocialBusiness

We try to open source top 20 SB cases per year of this most exciting decade as well as track universities partnering to chnge all their content through the IOSB process

Announced at tracks surveys of wht youth see s top 20 sustainability goals of 2020

The social action purpose of media has slumped every quarter century since 1843 but not needs to play whole truth role if 2010s and network media are to sustain the world- who is creating media on economics for youth and other collaboration intelligences most needed now – biography of one of the 2 greatest microeconomics happenings born 1976 converging on 2010s

GlobalGrameen.comintroduction to regional happenings of grameen as world favourite partner in sustainability solutions data collected by the 2nd greatest microeconomic happening born in 1976 from perspective of 2010s above zero sum collaboration games

Portal for 1000 readers bookclubs of yunus to shre notes on what actions can be linked round book and yunus

Obituaries of economics etc and temporary discussion re of what forbidden questions can be pened up by student prizes etc

Somewhat messy notes on the microcredit movement as politics has taken over from reality unless you always ask who know which MFI

3 linked approaches to planting the leadership need for Grameen Economics Labs if microeconics is to win out over macroeconomics mainly people networking collaboratively to make 2010s most exciting decade mapping exponentials rising round sustainability's greatest goals as reported by youth and parents -mainly opportunity of hi-trust global corporate brands - mainly changing professions


Integrate global around the most economic community-sustaining models


Design new media & digital tech to empower each person’s creativity and education to job create


Celebrate valuation of world’s largest systems as being most responsible for partnering round life critical info-tech


Change 20th century professions of metrics and media from separability to connectivity so that there are no rewards for compounding risks at boundaries

Can we collaboratively map which global markets need to be freed first to value human sustainability & bringing down degrees of separation on life critical knowledge

When 7 million women and 1 man won the nobel peace prize of 2006, citizens round the world asked dr yunus to web uplifting stories and help them start up forums to debate how to co-create sustainable systems and make our netwirk generation's greatest race the end of poverty.

Who "agents" Yunus in USA?
Vidar Jorgenssen grameen america usually in boston- Vidar handles all networking of yunus at clinton global initiative and similar top pledge conferences including (the healthcare one he owns); he is main corporate partner getter in healthcare areas and also runs grameen bank in america; he is also main connector of approaches to mega philanthropists –eg signing up the world’s richest man carlos slim to own grameen mexico –as yet 90% of yunus partnerships have been got by vidar or organically out of france , scotland, mid east etc and not by hans
sam daley harris microcreditsummit (and agent for queen sofia of spain's strategies for worldwide ending of poverty especially through spnish commonwelth and souther hemisphere) lives in princeton (in spite of congress-lobbying office being in DC!); incidentally queen sofia has recently started helping yunus do leadership quests getting eg 10 spanish corporates together round yunus at a barcelona gig

There is also alex counts who is dc based at grameen foundation ; alex does financial engineering of microfinance in ways that are beyond my ken and although he was started up by $6000 loan from yunus in 1997, seems to be his own man; he does things like announce with USAID 100 million dollar insurance partnerships of microcredit; the only place he begins to speak social business my be india where one of his employees is setting up a bank of information on social businesses and funds; for about 5 years in early 90s alex lived in bangladesh and was the first editor of the grameen dialogue newsletter which is the only pure diary of what yunus, grameen trust and microcredit did to each other

09/10 can youth ambassadors and yes we can 1.0 & 2,0 help yunus anmd obama sustain the world

Stories of Our Generation ... yes we can do more ? now Obama gives Yunus presidential award microeconomists' project 30000 ... YES WE CANNOT versus YES WE CAN

Whilst the world knows President Obama coined yes we can 2.0, some may have forgotten that yes we can 1.0 was the original microcreditsummit campaign speech slogan of Dr Yunus 1997. We celebrated the 13th year of sustainability's exponential consequences of this at Dr Yunus 69th birthday dialogue June 2009 moderated by sofia, arranged by mostofa of and with yunus and senior entrepreneurs from Grameen, BRAC and British Council, and a BBC reporter on bangla as world epicentre of sustainability investment networks and amazing youth and ... Humanity's Peak System Crisis 09/10: Join World Class Brands networkers in 60 years of microeconomic mapmaking of how design of communications and metric systems rules the world- project 1 youth ambassador 5000; project 2 launch of 10 times more economic publishing genre out of dhaka

do please help us search out any other links between these 2 worldwide leaders Y & O who care about people's futures. Since starting 1000 bookclub around dr yunus social business fileldbook in 2007, I have marveled at10 meetings with dr Yunus, and I try to map who is doing the stuff where that he most applauds.

Europe has become a world centre of yunus social business partnerships thanks to saskia and hans in germany; Zasheem in Glasgow Calendonian; Paris the birthplace of Future Capitalism and of blockbuster YunusMovies; Prince Albert's emerging social business fund from Monaco; and Queen Sofia in Spain playing an active role in both microcreditsummit kenya 2010 and hosting the world event out of madrid in 2011

. I feel quite out of date in terms of mapping other parts of the world's connections across the 7 micro-spaces - credit, energy, education, health, media, professional system designers of bottom up, gov. So please tell us where you see the other centres of yunusworld connecting. Mostofa also welcomes 5000 youth ambassadors in this process and one of the main undergraduate meeting nings is

There are 3 "official' resources that update info YunusCentre, YunusForum, GrameenAmerica (being still the world's number 1 centre forming worldwide partners in micro-healthcare with its annual world congress, and pilot centre of how many communities across america want to sustain microcredit - so far queens NY and Omaha NE do)

On meeting Dr Yunus in Glasgow Non 08, I volunteered to give this leaflet a first drafting - all help welcomed!
1 the most exciting entrepreneurial game-one where success integrates 3 challenging solutions into one organisational design 2 the safest banking system ever designed- practically and collaboratively it has to be so because it represents the trusts, money and life-determining decisions of the world’s poorest peoples, and their wishes to sustain better futures for their children 3 The most productive stage for networking so far convened 4 The partnership search for the most responsible service a particular global market sector is capable of offering Collaboration 5 - debate of vital markets: where are they spinning globally ? sust55.jpg After the collapse of wall street is there anyone here who seriously believes any of : banking energy healthcare education media professions government are spinning sustainably as far as youth in main streets and local communities are concerned
1 DISCUSS: yes we can- with social business and microcredit's 2 most collaborative solutions on the planet 2 Jan 08 yunus & 9 year old discuss end of global banks 3 Join Bangla as world leader in solar capitalism 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 *21 *22 *23 *24 *25

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Apply to join the microprofessionals club ... Weekly hot conversation - if you have just clicked here from debates of how most of the billion$ global aiding malaria each year never trickles down, please discuss here

We invite peoples to collaborate around 7 wondrous microsummits to restore human sustainability- so far only credit (ie safe banking) exists- our pick of a current hot conversation relevant to each of other six :

microENERGY microHEALTH microMEDIA microEDU microPRO microGOV

In 1997 microcreditsummit set the Biggest Hairy Audacious Goal of a human network to date - reach 100 million poorest families with a colalboration way out of poverty - community based banks that mentor readiness to take out a small loans and succeed in service business -- join us today as collaboration & micro entrepreneurs ask:-

what could be the next people summits and audacious goals -eg energy, health, internet & media for poor, edu & job creation, pro including entrepreneurial revolutions of SB FC and SMBA ), and intra-government needed to stop globalisation collapses? how can we rank & action the 25 best for the world news videos starting with these that 10000 youth and alumni of Yunus are playing with

The www today has got into a pickle because our #1 BHAG is preventing extinction of our future generations. This risk is now greater than ever before, If it seems worthy but altogether too big a goal to unite your deepest contribution to, try this conversation first

video guide... help announce where social action happenings of obama & yunus community-building networks

welcome! Please click to Intro Guided Tour of Goodwill Mapping - please help you & us ensure your deepest discipline's or human service gravitational whole's truth has a "you are here" starting point

Click to one of 8 choices to Q&A more about- as a worldwide and local networking movement that actions projects by , for and with the people...

1 what is a successful microsummit 2 microcreditsummit- what banking summit is needed 3 microhealth summit 4 microenergy summit 5 microeducation summit 6 micromediasummit 7 microprosummit 8 microgovsummit



Sustainability's & Wondrous MicroSummiit

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