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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

I have been very lucky to meet Dr Yunus 5 times this year - twice in Dhaka, twice in London and once in New York

I first met him in New Year week in Dhaka. I had just ordered 1000 copies of his new book on Future Capitalism. My reason was I have believed since quarrels with my employer Coopers & Lybrand in early 1990s that goodwill is measured completely wrongly and that this is compounding all sorts of global risks including every sustainability crisis at community levels. Dr Yunus' book has maths that is congruent to that which I believe is needed if sustainability is what we aim to achieve for every locality as we integrate globally. My first question to Dr Yunus was about how big did he see his book's practice networks as becoming compared with the extraoridnary microcredit network which Grameen and he form a core gravity of

I was delighted to hear as much as 7 times bigger - why not 6 more microsummits:
education of a job creating kind
clean energy, food, water
media for poor including internet, mobile, mass as well as how we open spaces to meet
professions whose rules are not just fixed by the richest
microcredit 1 2
flows between all of the above
To collaboratively help build microsummits we only need fairly small (but deeply committed) teams who become responsible for a particular action learning track. Microcredit assembled about 12 of these before it gathered 1000 practitioners. Apart from believing passionately that every community needs sustainable services of the summit's type, delegates to summits need to know everything about governance of social business models
and how and why FC partnerships can be formed between non-social businesses and social businesses but governed by social businesses' goodwill multiplying valuation audit.

I have a dream that every long-term member of this Ning will one day be a founding participant of one of these summits. Which summit interests you most? What sort of action track could your team realise? Are there points of clarification I need to try and answer?

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