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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

Thank you for asking my opinion.

Where as Chris and Jeff in my opinion both have the intellectual knowledge that is needed and are outspoken advocates of this subject...I have learned this issue from another perspective.

I have lived the life that forced these issues to be addressed. It became a choice do I give up or do I go the whole way and make life better not only starting with for my family, my community and globally.

It turned out to have the same that point in time the whole picture was so bleak that it was "might as well go and choose the big picture."

The internet gave us the platform to reach out to all those interested to participate. In our opinion it was not enough and that is why the concept also has grounded itself with leaders taking the lead and meeting with others for the purpose of connecting via the human touch, eye to eye.

We have to come up we a manifest and build the vehicle with which to administer the vision. For the last two years we have been working on the substance and how to get it our there.

Truemanity is a social business network promoting self growth supporting social and ecological projects worldwide.

The Truemanity group consists of experts with rich background in the fields of self development, education, television, social empowerment, marketing and Internet.
Truemanity recognizes the power of people to create change and growth in their own lives and in their community.

Our emphasis is directed towards improvement of the current situation with patience, perseverance and faith in one another.
We are visionary leaders wishing to create a new, innovative organization that will have a dramatic impact leading to change through Internet based workshops and happenings on the ground.

We have insightful workshops that will allow one to reflect on how to evolve without coercion from external control to internal control thus experiencing freedom and creativity. This work is possible thanks to the extensive educational experience and support of a contributing team of educators, business leaders and the community itself.

We aim to touch the lives of millions of people by raising money to support projects that will help saving the planet, encourage education, personal values and growth, development of talent and community leadership.

Our aim is to equip our members with knowledge and tools for better living. We believe that supporting the world around us is crucial for our lives to be of true value.
Truemanity will reach out to touch the lives of millions by raising money to support projects that promote social empowerment, education and ecological awareness.

By bringing a few extra hundred and then thousands of dollars into the lives of many families we can make life better for those participating in the framework and we also reach out to other that lack the ability to participate at this time. Via the community donation towards empowerment we aim to raise the standard of others and in the future they too can choose to participate.

We aim to level the playing field. If you want to lead a better life – your place is here – with us.

The time to act is now.

Join us and together we will make a better world for all.

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Please beam us up - where do the links to Truemanity boldly start?

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