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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

Why do so few leaders start with the human core of system transformation first

Harrison Owen has been at it since 1984 or earlier

It includes the deepest innovation challenges ten thousand people have ever communed around to putting open curious dna into a network that can only afford to be real only 3 days a year and worldwide networked the other 362. He also is one of the few practical system mapmakers whose method interfaces with any other true system mapmaker, and simply as fun a serious guy as I expect to meet

Where MBAs are taught to make system mapping as non-transparent , costly, and as non-openly true to everyone connecting innovation that humanity most crucially needs, harrison leads facilitation the other way round. May every youth and culture know of his simple truth-seeking method and why for most sustainability crises the tricky bit of open space is in the invitation before and the follow through after not the celebrating humanity in between


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If Open Space alumni reach this spot, I would love to hear nominations of favourite ever open space contexts . The one I most wished I had been to was an invitation which I believe Harrison led for Rabbis to meet Imams

Of people I have ever met that have my 100% belief that they have helped make the world a better place for tomorrows children, Dr Yunus and Harrison Owen stay top of my mind. Who do your beliefs for a better world connect with, and are there any alumni networks where we can experience this?
In answer to your question Chris, here's a couple of connected possibilities:

“… the predominant scientific mindset of our culture has us believe that the universe is just an immense physical system working to physical laws with no purpose or cause. It is largely empty and we are an accident rather than a consequence of anything.

“Humankind is here conceived of as an insignificant piece of furniture in the infinitely vast physical universe. We are but lumps of physical matter …. we are machines with no justification or significance beyond ourselves”
(Henryk Skolomowski, Living Philosophy, pub: Arkana)

“A ‘crisis of sustainability’ has evolved as a result of the global application of the Western development paradigm of ‘progress’ through unfettered capitalism with little regard for social, cultural and ecological consequences.

This paradigm – and its focus on material indicators as the sole measure of development – perpetuates a distorted vision of what is in fact a multidimensional relational process.”
(Gregory Cajete, Native Science, pub: Clear Light)

I think one of the benefits of open space is that it begins to shift our mindsets.

Mike what you say makes a lot of common sense to me

- so running with it the question I would love to hear anyone's views on is :

what ways in addition to open space can people simply use to become confident individually and with everyone of their peers -ways they can scale up by networking - to see this system failure of the over-scientific control needs transforming if sustainability is to be all our futures?

Something our subnetworks of world citizens, entrepreneurs and economists - have been researching from a common sense point of view for 3 years now is failures in our educational system . The way we have been researching this is to look for places where exceptional experiments in education have been happening; micropublishing these in guides that a network can share and debate

one of my favourite guides to where the educational system has been failing more and more people - with its own control assumptions that only a few people are intelligent enough to come out to its top is sir ken robinson - this is a video extract of the sorts of debates that Sir Ken Robinson empowers communities to develop

here is the report "all our futures" he refers to in the video

he also has a new book coming out in January that I invite us to try and share excerpts on from as soon as possible

we also have 2 networks which we would particularly love people to come and co-create:

redesigning goodwill valuation of local to global systems so that every human being is encouraged to productively make a different with their flow and their long run action learning curves in deep community contexts

micropublishing guides- in principle we offer $500 bursaries for people who want to open source a new guide that they both will print and use in a real community and let virtual groups download for free ; in our gallery of guides, most of the longer ones expect you to print out the guide on double-sided paper, then fold, and use

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