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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

3/10 mobilising girl empowered communal heathcare

This has become one of the greatest economic chalenges of the net generation both in developing countries with paucity of rural healthcare and so-called developed countruies where the focus of healt services has been made ever more expensive by lawyers, pharma companies and indeed any system that doesnt celebrate nurses as the social networking heart of communal helthcare. It is no coincidene that the greatest inbestmnt banks in woemn and youth are all converging on girl power's most magic app.


oregon feature 2 of the ost exciting studnent sb healthcrae projects ever pitched - community healtcare van and tech wizards help mobilise open source medical solutions


these blend nicely with dr yunus star healthcare projects in banagdlesh which gravitate around girl empowerment through free nursing coleges and attracting mobile's most exciting apps - eg GE's mobile ultrasound; Intel's advance warning check of pregant mothers at risk of dangerous births


here are some frannk discussions about whaat dots need connecting next - we would be delighterd to be told as soon as any missing links are bridged



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