The Global University of Poverty - Curricula Welcome

End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

64 Trillion dollar audit's Three-in-One Race to Exponential sustainability of NetGen

Micro Open Post-Industrial Revolution. Impact valuation results are now in.Over the last 2 centuries, on third of the world's populace increased wealth and health by 200 fold. Unfortunately their Macroe Externalising systems spun this by exponentially extracting from another third of the world's people whose livelihoods progressed barely at all. Dare we empower's little sisters three-in-one entrepreneurial revolution by 2030? If we fail will big brotherdom lead nature to conclude our species is the next dodo?


First Ladies responsibilities in celebrating ER of grassroots village womens social action networks

The first two  trillion dollar sectors that the world's most responsible and influential women can reconcile are:

fashions and roles of superstars

helping mobile telecom  billionnaires search out life critical app partnerships with history's most abused and under-represented women - 


Linking in open source ER of tech wizards with most and least resources. Boston (MIT) and San Francisco are the 2 spaces where open tech wizards with the most resources swarm. For example walk a the square mile from MIT's Kendall station to see every future industry and many of the open web's practice leaders. How do we linkin direct exchanges between these open source wizards with the most and open tech wizards centred @ developing world's most critical new media needs -see JB Freeing young professionals in the world's elite open society organisations to save all millennials' happy freedom goals from exponential collapse by old zero-sum professions

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