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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

69th dr yunus birthday week dialogue - After Action Debriefs & Projects

we came to discuss the war between bankings normalcies (old wall street or something completely different); whether yes we can spirit can be renewed across uni classes 09/10; how europe is experimenting with open cataloguing of social businesses. why we feel bangladesh is the world's epicentre for sustainabilily investment, 10 times more economic organisations and the human race to end poverty
our bbc reporter (member Paul Rose) blogged

we found ourselves in the midst of a reorganisation called yunuscentre; in this member mostofa's web becomes the last official survivor of world citizen gateways that began in Nobel times

9 europeans over for the dialogue moderated by member sofia, Dr Yunus, 2 senior staff from BRAC, a schools expert from the British Council dialogued for 150 minutes; our european team also had one hour meetings with the other major entrepreneuriual revolutionaries in Grameen

we left Dr Yunus a report on what youth wanted as a miinum organisation stucture supporting their needs as would-be planters of social business as encouraged by dr yunus in this video

action project 1 youth ambassador 5000


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project 1 launch september 1
last meeting dc july 15- discussion with epi interns on how to connect bailout & yes we can debates youth ambassador
dhaka july 16 - yunus approval
next meeting london july 28 - ask for details -participants include members of and microfinacewithoutborders -also contact chris for sections of 69th birthday dialogue report research on what help youth want to be able to turn universities into social business incubators

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