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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

all day dialogue with dr yunus on june 29

Anyone who sees future capitalism as their life time pursuit is most welome to this dialogue in Dhaka -early registrants include the bbc broadcaster on nature's battles with man ; Sunita Gandhi the elder daughter of the family that founded the largest school social business -a remarkable lady who spent much of a decade at the world bank writing up seminal pieces in the early 1990s on sustainability challenges

It is likely that we will meet about 3 times a year (after Dhaka in june , hosts in berlin are preparing somethi g quite extraordinary in November) ; I believe this is why we all bother to colaborate around the 100 million people of Bamngaldesh and the happiest banker and sustainabilty investor in the world muhammad yunus

why future capitalism is sustainability investment's mother of all benchmarking movents
within my limited knowledge, only once in modern corporate history have america's biggest corporations as a mass accepted that they had got systemically uncompetitive- that was on total tangible quality, those who joined in the baldrige benchmarking club first took over eladership of their market sectors

future capitalism offers a worldwide opportunity to become your indudtry sector's most responsible and many times more economic- something that we must get all professions to value most if sustainability is to be the human outcome;

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Dear Chris!

....I am here! Working so hard that it is no time to chat. Please, tell more about this event.
I am coming to London soon - and maybe we could meet again.

Some interesting events are coming up in Oslo.

Kind regards,

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