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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

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Microprofessionals have worked at a Big 5/4 accounting firms and know that the metrics of the tangible accounting monopoly are full of holes, or who have visited Bangladesh and know that its community-up organisational governance sustains truths that wall street numbers dont even know matter or tell Peter Burgess and me what perspective you can bring to a profession that will help differentiate sustainable market sector futures from those that are compounding conflict and bubbles

We seek to map out and openly publish alternative cases on how global aid funds could be spent if obama teams wish to bend the curve or how industry sector analysis needs to be reviewed for every trillion dollar sector before conflicts compound more and more sector bubbles.

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Going Back to Adam Smith's Definition of Free Markets

Everything that economists utter depends on what definition of free markets they actually use. From our understanding Adam was assuming community transparency. In other words a free market is one where every agent of productivity and demand can see that the rules of the market are such that market's goodwill dynamics will eject those who are seeking to compound hidden risks or cause conflicts with those who have the most purposeful demands or deepest service/productive contributions.

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