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may 2014 -youth funding news....puddle 240 started last month to celebrate san diego as number 1 youth microcredit practice area has made first thousand dollars of loans;

amazon smile now fundraises for Yunus Creative lab 501 Foundation; g...

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Bernardo asked what is Yunus Creative Lab (now an official foundation of the Amazon Smile program)


There are 2 kinds of answers that occur to me:

a) what does a youth celebrating network of partnerships social action most effectively, smoothly, exponentially sustainably and joyfully


b) what is the goodwill valuation of yunus being in the middle of more job-creating concepts -and partnership labs-  that inspire more youth than any other living person I am aware of  (please tell me if you have other candidates - always delighted to know whose goodwill is number 1 in youth job creation)



The Yunus Creative Lab is the Atlanta based 501 foundation organisation around muhammad bhuiyan responsible for youth summits (officially the winning candidate of the 2015 Nobel peace laureate Summit Nov 2015) and basically whatever you can collaboratively help make it "socially business" be about that youth and yunus do not yet reach. Historically YCL emerged when Yunus was keynoting at a celebration of Luther King and the King , Carter, Turner an other families asked Yunus what would Atlanta need to do to be a benchmark youth and yunus capital that he enjoyed linking into as much as anywhere


YCL is the only us headquartered foundation with the Yunus brand name  -note all the vision-partnering problems the Grameen name now has given the ownership dispute back in Bangladesh


Dr Bhuiyan- beyond the summit- is there any clearer description of what yunus creative lab does or doesnt do vis a vis any other formal yunus organisation?


When the world bank's jim kim recommends the 2 defining social movements of the net generation #2030now are ending poverty and twinning places in youth jobs solutions I assume that is yunus creative lab heartland but would like me told if my assumption is wrong



chris macrae DC 301 881 1655


ps dr bhuiyan - would there be a way in which eg a monthly newsletter could run from now to nov 2015 - post in any good news from atlanta hosts - equally youth and educators could post in questions and we try and answer them once a month - or is there a joint blog process or what?


some further assumptions /possibilities


Yunus first job was at the HBUC East Tennessee College circa 1969 and Muhammad Bhuiyan has worked on uniting entrepreneur curriculum of HBUC since 2000 or earlier. Therefore I assume that within USA - yunus wants to empower networks such as african americans and hispanics and their direct capabilities to regenerate communities


In rural states, I know Yunus wants to help food etc security- for example when he was told that Montgomery is the poorest county in the whole of the USA he wanted to turn the whole state into a yunus lab


In any state, Yunus is looking for knowhow partners in Grameen Nearly Free Nursing College- see the first impossible is possible postcard edited by Yunus attached- and ask mostofa to present your concept for such a card if you believe its on target as a top 10 collaboration of youth and yunus. GNFNC as a concept was founded in Glasgow by Zasheem Ahmed. Personal conversations with paul farmer and sir fazle abed suggest they want to converge this as a leading idea of open education but as yet there isnt one clear plan on how to do this. For example on the virtual side, sal khan is a key player and it was only this week thatglobal celebrationsstarted of a tool that allows anyone to  turn any serious youtube video into e...


You can also study what is it that the turner family as giving billionnaires particularly want to develop - clean energy is one such area. Similarly Carter and Luther King families. Atlanta opens a Rights museum this year - and can therefore argue deeper connections with peace and cultural reconciliation than almost anywhere in the USA. You would hope that this would flow strongly between Atlanta and Cape Town (mandela) as 2014 peace summit location; an Walesa whose solidarite movement connects peoples in almost any battle worn country. If you see a living peace laureate or peace laureate organisation that matches your deepest goals please do contact them and ask how to be their youth envoys. Or if you need help with such please say



Technical Brand Valuation problems

At its peak , the Grameen brand would have had estimated 28 billion dollars of value apart from 2 things- its ownership was not clear since Bangladeshi law doesnt really have any laws relevant to such; and the biggest equity withing Gramee (Grameen Phone) has always only be about a third owned on behalf of Grameen bank members


Neither Social Business nor Creative lab are brandable (or of they are yunus certainly wasnt the first user of either name). So really the only brand that can sustain Yunus legacy is Yunus, and depending whether Yunus has more supporters with funds  in USA than anywhere else probably determines where his goodwill with youth will be led out of apart from where he happens to reside. At the same it is clear that he wants any such equity value to be returned primarily to the 8 million grameen mothers in bangladesh. Something which you might think USA with its regard for law might be able to work through better than anywhere else.




From: Bernardo 
Sent: Sunday, 18 May 2014, 11:46
Subject: Re: please pass on good news that yunus creative lab is now a charity that can be chosen at amazon

who is in the creative lab? I am not

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2014-05-18 11:30 GMT-04:00 christopher macrae a rel="nofollow" shape="rect" target="_blank" href="">>:
the amazon smile donates .5% on most purchases made at amazon to a chosen charity
Amazon now says yunus creative lab is included as eligible charity

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