The Global University of Poverty - Curricula Welcome

End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

The Global Summit Plans to travel around the world annually from 2009 whilst connecting Melanie's Empowerment PIE (Partners In Entrepreneurship) portal 24/7 and doing specials including a pop star for responsibility concert where text in messages show how much locations from around the world are contributing, and sustainability expos.

Its core group's gravity is in Los Angeles -well placed to leverage media goals; and TGS held a planning meet in San Francisco Nov 08 where 200 extraordinary people personally invited by Melanie and the master large scale faciliator of shared not only how to rebuild community all across america but how well americans used to do this before the temporary distraction of the tv age

There are 6 types of brilliance that the PIE space wishes to celebrate partnership combos:
media for responsibility
businesses for sustainability
social entrepreneurs
collaborating non-profits

There's a lot of talk about big partnberships being the way to save the world in recent hen I think through PIE its nice how much we the people can demand as well as strat actioning partnerships among anyone still intent t meet millennium goals by 2015 - or which I increasingly belive to be the same thing anyine who wants to see minimum damage top people's jobs and lives from the global finacial meltdown which so few caused and so many are nw at risk to. To reverse Churchill's bon mots - never in the history of humanity have so many be owed so much by so few.

I feel humbled to make a first report of this event and hope other participants will add what mattered most to them - equally Q&A on what else you'd like to know is good

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