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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

Building Social Business news desk mail passing through currently

I would like to invite you to join the linkedin editorial board of the journal of social business; our goal with the january 2011 issue is to get the strongest collections of papers supporting the economics of youth and 2010s as most exciting decade onto the desk of every leadership partner of Dr Yunus or every leader who wishes to help mediate this vision for youth to become true. eg Glasgow University holder of Adam Smith archives will explain how Adam and Muhammad are on each other's side. 

 The university's principal will also be re-editing curriculum to include social business and invite world class partnering universities in sustainbility to join in. Hundreds of scottish youth are co-developing a monthly social action & job creation newsletter and would like to hear from other regions youth interested in content timesharing.

This month's most urgent action is to help Monica Yunus make east coast youth feel involved in 2010s exciting decade by linking in   starting with 3 DC universities GWU, RHS & Gtown

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I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

we chatted about your guardian angel lynne twist at Nick's be the change and I would still like to visit your DC office if it is open; in dc I know sam daley hrris whose microecreditsummit was originally inspired by the hunger project

I an investing in as it plants its way round africa bedinning in joburg with a host who has been inspired by taddy blecher of free university fame ; and trying to encourage muhammad yunus to see how this can linkin to his social business experiments with university and other partners round the continent

my dad died recently so I have a bit of the family estate to selectively invest in social business with

Scott McNealy’s new $100 million goal: to turn his “Curriki” (“Curriculum Wiki”: ) project into an open-source free Wikipedia-like global curriculum “to turn K–12 education upside down”:

I am very interested in this for the following sorts of reasons beyond the context

0 can confirm that 2 years ago mcneally's talk in dc mentioned this as his great hobby

1 dad's Economist survey of silicon valley in the early days tracked how venture capitalists launched sun

2 now sun has been taken over by oracle I assume mcneally has new life to mission

3 eric and I have been watching a network that hosts big events in dc founded by an ex mcneally man

4 do you have any connections with mcneally; I am still thinking of paying for wine and cheese for west coast remembrance party of dad but obviously I need some names to co-host

5 at the end of the day beyond curing the mathematical cancers in wall street, tech for poor and education revolution for all children will determine whether mankind makes the internet the best thing or the worst thing ever to have happened to one generation - 26 years into saying this I feel a bit like a cracked record but gordon if you can ever stop off in bangladesh on one of your world tours let me see if I can come over and fix meetings for you; quite soon, we hope to hub some kind of visitors space where anyone who believes 2010s is most exciting decade leaves their links

6 zasheem - is it too early to start up a sub-editorial board of your new journal on schools education - only gordon has really been turning dads 1984 dreams for schools into internetworked reality

various news from 5th visit to yunus/Grameen in dhaka

3 more ujnversities likely to join in end nurseless villages by sharing trainers with grameen : emory? mcgill? Upenn; the college that started with an intake of 30 vilager girls eralier tyhis year wont be happy until its treaininmg 100

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