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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

can glasgow summer 2011 be greatest citizen celebration of yunus exciting 2010s so far

we are interested in learning with other cities aiming to host a  greatest celebration of yunus exciting 2010s including the races to :

A poverty museums,

B back to sustainability  (win-win-win globalistion),


C to create more jobs thn infotech takes.


These exciting challenges for youth and elders to network are outlined in his series of books on social business Personal connections with this include the 2050 person bookclub dialogue and the 10000 dvd club my family sponsors


Our emerging plans glasgow after our team visited yunus for a fortnight in october 2010 (my 5th dhaka visit)


weekend june 2011


bus in youth from every scottish university


hire  hall with 20 stalls themed by greatest social business goals for 2020 voted for and interactively updated by youth


invite the artists peace corps led ny Monica Yunus


Encourage other yunus youth-inspired cities (eg Paris see  to replicate the best events they have already demonstrated work


Celebrate the progress of all the projects goping on at the 2 Yunus partner universities; currently no other nation has more than 1 yunus university partnership ; scotland's youth are the luckiest in the world to enjoy this yunus relationship connecting projects in heltcre, banking and chnging educational syllbi so that capturing a nation's brightest young peoples in wall street MBA mindsets is history


Make Glasgow one of the editorial centres for the joyful economics curriculum that september 2010 US congress voted to bring to DC


Link with consider bngladesh cekebrations wherever my father Norman Macrae (The Economist's most prolific writer of leadership debates) is remembered as first journalist of : 1 entrepreneurial revolution, 2) the internet, 3) Asian pcific worldwide century 1976-2075

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