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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

Choose the YOU & US invitation you make to peers to co-create Future capitalism that sustains humanity not bushwhacks it or wall street crashes it

Dear Henrique & collaboration entrepreneurs

It is great to hear through Inger that you are interested in potentially similar governance missions to mine, Mostofa's, Peter’s , Open Space & conflict resolution dialogues, 9 year olds, Clinton's, Bangladesh Micro Sustainability mapmakers, Dr Yunus' everyone interested in a community-up world instead of a wall street dominated global lose-lose-lose ...

Going through each person's pieces in this jigsaw becomes a long story. 16 nov

Among simplicity & conflict resolution facilitators and sustainability innovation mapmakers - in the simplest of all transformation approaches - open space - the rule that you should assume that the people who come are the right people is conditioned by the invitation. With 100000 Bangladeshi’s we are trying to invite as many as 7 billion people who want to sustain the world to come and network around action projects that end poverty and are the only ones with correct enough maths and governance to oppose the opposite unsustainable maths of wall street - how much can the most powerful side extract every quarter and unseen compound risk onto the weakest somewhere else. I don’t believe there is any one perfect invitation which is why I share with you alternative ones written around particular people's contexts which you can then infer partial analogies to your own must urgent foci for transforming a system that us crashing exponentially down everywhere into a win-win-win one

Here are a few of the dots. It would be fantastic if you would like to connect further - 2 particular ways come most to my mind at the moment which I will mention lower down yellow highlighted

1 24 years ago my dad , whose was at The Economist and I wrote a book saying that the globalization generation 1984-2024 would go through an unprecedented system change that would determine human sustainability; if a sustainable 21st century is to be the compound outcome then we would need microeconomics and to use the www in the win-win-win collaboration to end poverty - references include

2 today the only epicentre of the microeconomics maths with gravity to connect the world is in dhaka - 100000 people develop social businesses around it ; they have applied it to banking (microcredit), healthcare, increasingly to every sustainability challenge including being the world's largest installer of solar energy units - the bad news and the good news of every sustainability crisis of a fallible globalization being connected to the same mathematical error is that if we adopt the opposite maths we can quickly transform all the most critical systems; if we don’t we never will and soon it will become irreversible; I have spent much of the last 12 years as a mathematician checking every suggested alternative maths - now of the others are whole truth correct (not GRI not zadek's accountability not triple bottom line not sveiby intangibles not various intellectual or social capital approaches)

3 we are inviting people who want to resolve this to network around 2 things:

10000 free dvds with good news short video stories made in Bangladesh principally with yunus, the other 3 co-founders of microcredit, and people who are applying its social business maths to all the other urgent applications such as energy; and are inviting the world's largest industry sectors to form future capitalism partnerships- each partnership practices a very deep end poverty innovation and thereby leads to the end of that sector's compound externalization of risk; so 1 if you would like some dvds mostofa can send you a number of your choice - a virtual display of them is at are delighted if the html code is replicated anywhere; we need to share feedback by those who host dvds on what audiences want to action, how to make most goodwill multiplying network use of out of each videos story including how to start to assemble 6 microsummits dr yunus would like to see emerge - health energy education media hi-trust community up professions, (e)government by and for community;

2 we will use the materials at weave an SMBA together to be the opposite of MBA using the maths that can save the world and with as yet one core fieldbook Dr Yunus (2008) - creating a world without poverty, social business: future of capitalism

Mostofa is Bangladeshi and know exactly who leads what among the 25000 people of grameen; Rachel knows who does what at ASA; we will find a way of knowing who does what at BRAC; between these 3 organizations 70000 or so grassroots net workers there is a critical mass of applying social business to every community critical solution crisis as eg Clinton says here


I cannot imagine 12 months ever coming again like the next ones; with the compound risk globalization of wall street and the afraid governance of bush gone; so if those alive today are to become the sustainability generation, they need to collaborate flows now; understand why other maths are not sustainable; stop bickering over not invented here; the odds are probably again us but the opportunities usa- washington DC 301 881 1655

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To NYU microfinance clubbers

Last october I came across the practice bible for microeconomics that I had been searching 24 years for: Creating a world without poverty - social business, future of capitalism by Muhammad Yunus.

I would love to help any NYU alumni explore its good news for sustaining communities everywhere in the globalisation youth chooses to map now that wall street's old guard have left. I feel passionately that we need SMBA cities flourishing in the USA probably even more than Paris if all hemispheres are to unite and thrive

Here is a brief extract of relevant dairy entries:

future capitalism launch week

1 met dr yunus in dhaka ; told him I had bought 1000 books; asked what sort of future capitalism network did he imagine; he said if people want to help we can make it 7 times bigger than microcredit network on its own; communty banking needs to connect with



micromedia -eg internet for poor, mobile banking for a billion

microeducation ...

micromarket funds

I said I have very limited skills in all these practical areas of villagers needs but I have spent 34 years playing with global media and 14 years on the web including a year when the world's largest ad agency hired me to host a web on brandknowledge until I found taht hundred million dollar image campaigns conflicted with my dad's view of free market economics for ending poverty -so dr yunus: shall I try some good news branding of rumors of what's possible. He said why not

week 3 Reflecting on my first meeting, I realised that in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh I had walked into the most exciting innovation epicentre I have ever visited, and I have been to many global corporation HQ over last 30 years. So when I met Dr Yunus during his New York book tour, I asked could some friends go back to dhaka and cheaply film some interviews of all your brillaint co-workers most urgent community goals - put them on a dvd; make 10000 free copies so that youth could dialogue around good news and job creation with yunus alumni. He said why not

Incidentally we also made this video of a 9 year old's 1000 new yorker dialogue in january on which banks had a future


week 45

the 10000 free dvds are ready - delighted if anyone in NYU wants 1 or 100 as long as they are used to interact social actions or test social business entrepreneur creativity

you can also preview 25 good news conversation starters at

paste the code anywhere

we are hoping that people will feedback ideas on such things as;

how can we start assembling the 7 missing microsummits

if as in video 3 bangladesh can collaboratively create 100000 green jobs in communities by 2012 , how many green jobs could your country invest in now we are no longer ruled by wall street and carbon energy mongers

collaboratively speaking: are the virtual alumni of clinton uni, yunus uni, mandela uni and obama uni 90% the same future mapmakers

much better questions that any young person who seriously practices microcredit can start dialoguing than my 57 year old brain ever will

I am actually based in washington DC ; though new york's youthful collaborators filmed this colaboration cafe invitation at Lehman Uni's cable tv

so you dont need me to explore the dvds - just mail if you want some and we'll work out how to get them up to you

chris macrae dc 301 881 1655

Empowerment's ending of the white house's burden has been a long and winding road my friends.
I CAN, YOU & US CAN http://yUNus/com Look into your family's future history . There is no other way any mathematical or human heroine of mine has ever seen "to be the chamge" of the biggest system that chains you and yours.

X-times great grandad hosted weekly meeting open spaces that rural scots walked 4 hours both ways to attend. Their crisis london's earliest global accountants valued them as quarterly worth less than sheep. The innovation negotiation- pay us to emigrate. With 150 years of Scotland's takeover by England, more than half my nation had become worldwide webbed. That was 1850. In 1843 the scots started the first to-be-global media -intended never to be ruled by corn or carbon lords again - The Economist. Its micro-discipline -mapping free markets from the community up - multiplied goodwill for 140 years - then slowly it lost this generation's defining plot .

My scottish grandad was mentored on micro's whole truth One Bar of London barrister to another by Gandhi - his lifetime's innovation as senior Raj judge was to change from imprisoning Gandhi to writing up the legalese of Independence. A long & winding road where we now need to P2P more SMBAs than MBAs in every city.


Is your place staging a job-creating event events now that the free world is being empowered by microeconomics mapmakers again? Collaborate Now. Bronx tv helped launched this appeal from what is now Lehman Uni and where the UN began

One of the strange lessons in making the 10000 dvds for youth to unite productivity and good news is that our bangladeshi interviewees good news stories treasure lessons on the topic of independent of whether a youth group's interests specifically include needing poverty on the other side of the world It would be great if anyone in this circulation list would like to form a subgroup to catalogue the signs of when do you live in a national or local system that is empowering sustainable job creation versus on which is spinning job destruction. Personally I find the hardest task of opening space: issuing invitations so that the right people come. All parents want good jobs for their children but neither microcreditsummit nor I have the cashflow to hire a space for a billion people - so please help us work out more segmented invitations but ones which nonetheless connect up from every community & deeply human (whole truth) practice of serving each other

To do this I beg you to beware of macroeconomics pretense that you have to adopt a one-dimensional party political brain. Social business entrepreneurs go, as micro's greatest 2nd millennium system network architects Einstein and Gandhi implored, you way beyond party politics, vested interest wars and the erroneous/jingoistic branding of national pride. Their webs learn true hard lessons are soft and micro and natural not tangible and not superpowered and not carbonised . Its particularly ironical that the nation whose declaration of independence was the greatest charter to building jobs turned round on itself as globalisation got dictated by wall street to become in the last 8 years the greatest 40-times leveraged job destroying system ever


This is the new day to brainstorm how that happened, and never let you brain stop storming for job creation It may help you to know that in the year 2000 Brookings published a report -Unseen Wealth - on how compound metrics of goodwill determine this issue, and how Global accountants of 2000 were ruling with the worst maths for compounding risk and loss of goodwill- what some news as the intangibles crisis. I interviewed the chairlady of this report, in spring 2001. She has just had the worst experience of her life. She presented her findings to the incoming administration from Texas and was pretty well been told she would never work in Texan-DC again. Like others in the same boat she was forced to emigrate to Tennessee - alma mater of gore, and in usa of the our generations most hi-trust microeconomist dr. yunus

Compounding unseen risk is not good for peace let alone jobs

we take this thing to be self-evident

Ruling with a corporate or other governance system (quarterly number extraction bowling alone) that is people-jobs-negative (people are costs to cut) does not condition a place or economy that grows jobs or sustains any exponentials up for long Investing in bubbles doubly loses jobs.double jeopardy 1 Japan's housing bubble's cost pretty well stopped that nation's development (opportunity to invest) for half a generation. (Adam Smith's Free market mapping has been shredded by macroeconomics hired by the big gets bigger, the short profit more from shorter. My scottish compatriot only developed his economics theory of advantage of nations driven by a social truth inquiry. Scotland had been bankrupted around 1700 (as iceland today) by a bubble on the other side of the world- and had been subjected to the hostile takeover by England. Later in 1843 The Economist was founded by Scottish alumni of Adam to end the bubbling of colonial empires that England's constitution was systemised around when the City of London was the 19th century global wall streeter.

double jeopardy 2 : But worse conscious investing in bubbles that many were incentivised by Wall Street casino-type rules to do stopped american investment in new industry sectors that created jobs. Moreover there's an interesting pattern to the sorts of innovation sectors that Wall Street mentality could never make a case for.

A clean energy because primarily innovations in that area come from community-developments up- you maximise nature's content to give you free energy- you don’t average it out across a continent; clean energy creates and distribute jobs in communities not in big cities as such

B service sectors - wall street's maths presents numbers in which machines are investments people are costs to cut- every cycle the temptation is to cut training and people development costs; to churn people replacing those on could be on your industry’s learning curve to innovate with cheaper new blood

C for me the definition of future capitalism in a knowledge economy sector goes beyond service to business models where there is a win-win actioning knowledge across separated systems whether those systems are partnering organizations, partnering disciplines within an organization or partnering with eg environmental resources rather than compounding scarcity- wall street maths was a non-starter for generating any jobs in that sort of hi-trust knowledge economy

we can and ought to go a level deeper to see how macro-globaliser-USA can only spin ruin of all the most vital services to sustaining people's productivity through credit to health to job-creating education to clean societies - the future of clean water, food, energy has not been in the valuation systems spun by wall street's macroeconomics

In search of 25 good news stories for 2009

every video in the dvd is told by true entrepreneurs and microeconomists aiming to create sustainable jobs, to replicate the most vital knowledge openly; you don't have to believe me about all 25 videos if you peers do

the good news is that microeconomists now rule in Washington dc - what the clash between residual superpower systems and micro-facilitators of community rising approaches will do is no certain bet; but if 10000 youth know which are the micro moves to cheer and which are the macro moves to slay then it could just be that USA become every decent hard working place's best collaboration friend again

this is one reason why collaboration California is a very urgent priority in november- if you know anyone who can get to melanie's san Francisco event facilitated at presidio (the last space for sustainability in usa) please get them clicking to
If your peer group can't send a job-creating envoy to san Francisco why not host a collaboration cafe on this subject send Melanie (san Francisco), Rachel or peter or spencer (new york), mostofa (london*dhaka), inger (norway) or me (DC) news of who you are so we can work out at what frequency your place's and our's inquiry into job creation and social business entrepreneurship need to update each other
Some people believe that among powerful american bill Clinton was the first to discover Bangladesh’s microcredit sustainability investment banking systems. Actually Obama's mother not only discovered but helped plant them in Indonesia; and the irony of Mrs palin jokes on who would want to elect someone whose only experience is a community builder in chicago is that is exactly the one place in USA where community banking thrives and sub-prime has not bust the economy. May be it is too big a wish but lets see if we can make these 4 people universities interface until they become one and the same microeconomics system for turning round lose-lose-lose global to win-win-win
Back in 1984 my father wrote up -and mathematically mapped - how globalisation bubbles could well compound the destruction of the human race or reduce viable jobs to half a billion. Or it could sustain a world where everyone enjoyed jobs worthy of a lifetime and healthy societies made all the world's communal economies win-win-win with each other. The litmus test would be if a Nobel laureate cheered the world on to search for 30000 replicable communizing rising job creating projects
Today we have a choice, probably our generations last choice at the crossroads of macroeconomics and the vanities of the few and microeconomics and the collaboration energies of the many. May your place be to make the more human choice tachris dc bureau tel 301 881 1655 of yunus 10000 dvd
chris macrae dc bureau of tel 301 881 1655
Suggested use of this invite to university student clubs listserve

First Used
to a very plucky canadian group of student entrepreneurial revolutionaries
cc hosts of Collaboration Cfae NY, hosts of Yunus Forum events involving over 3000 people in UK

3 things on my mind - what's on yours

1 what's most on your mind through the next 12 months that needs collaboration if resolution is to evolve Live Bronx Tv news of Collaboration Cafe

2 what do people do to make the global meltdown by wall street have minimum bad consequences in every community - (just back from a debate in new york on that )- if anyone's interested in picking up the baton and hosting similar debate, email me at and I will intro you to the new york hosts

3 could we map how to sustainability valuation can change everything the globalisation of management studies did and does by reframing what most human beings are desperately seeking for -

WHY not a leadership quest for the most purposeful organisations in the world- they make enough money to thrive but they keep on gettng better at something that's vital for the human lot -

project www 3.1

in this quest microeconomists and microfinance and microentrepreneurs are making 2009 the year of seeking best 25 microvideos : wherein organisational leaders explain what they are doing in aiming to be most purposeful - Dr Muhammad Yunus has helped us make 10000 free dvds to give away if you would like to host pursposeful parties , or you can click and help us map and value purpose every which way; to use UK PM's words at the UN : if not now whem - if not now with western-obama and easter-yunus as community accounting people ,when - a generation turning point if young people help these 2 outstanding microeconomists connect the www now the way TIM BL intended when he gave it birth

chris macrae usa 301 881 1655
Chris Cook on Peak Credit and Capital Partnerships may be of interest....

great stuff Jeff - how can we form a network of people to make commercila as well as social business training out of what post-wall street MBAs need to umlearn?

onward to another invitation I have been working on all weekend to try and celebrate the era of obamanomics (ie microeconomics leading the white house policy and strategy making www)

invitation to huffington post

we have made 20 microvideos with dr yunus and his team capturing 34 years of experience of what they would like to community builders to collaborate around through the world's microeconomies; big surprises include their world leads in solar energy and mobile bank a billion parterships

all our videos are for free replay- we have 10000 dvds to give away to host grassroots good news parties of what leaders like yunus and obama can empower youth to do and communities to job build

can we send you some for your columnists? - are there other ways we could collaborate?- what we really want to is to maintain a continuous dilaogue and ranking of 25 good news stories that need actioning as projects to replicate in a community to cmmunity world trade - so that we get back on track with millennial gals everywhere

chris macrae usa 301 881 1655

videos and discussions at
Invitation to australian youth and medic & reconcliation networks to connect superpowering of peace and micro empowering of economics

invitation below is mainly to australian youth round-world-volunteers and medics and reconcliation dialog

cc new york (transparently end compound risk by big banking)
cc DC celebrate obamanomics and link to Yunusnomics
cc Dhaka ditto
cc san francisco - celebrate and collaboratively interact internet for the poor

Dear Monash PAs for Global Reconciliation
You helped me a couple of years ago when I was trying to reconnect with Paul Komesaroff and the first 2 Global Reconciliation Networks 03,04 where I was informally appointed a London node and accidentally learnt my granddad had taken 25 years to be reconciled by Gandhi's relentless dialogues one barrister to another

I have some updates and questions for you if I may

1 are you still at monash or continuing komesaroff alumni work - if so are there any other komesarooff alumni you can introduce me to, what are the next goals with the new GRN and youth fieldbook coming out soon

2 As a mapmaker, I would like to connect a triangle of 3 peace, economics and millennium goal sustainability revolutions- as well as their core context such as medecine, education, media and community banking

Australia's United Cultures & Youth Actions- you are at the monash hub of it and I hear paul's alumni's new book is out soon on how medics and overseas volunteers can change the world with opem dilaogue and the integrity of their deepest professional skills- australian youth is I think the most energetic (at least in the english language) worldwide search on the ground group before deciding what the rest of life's mission is

B Dhaka is at the Business Entrepreneurial Social epicentre of this - we have 10000 free dvds with 25 exciting video conversation starters filmed with Dr Yunus and his leading socail business entrepreneurs and chamgers of capitalism's sustainability -question can I post you some to pass arond reconciliation alumni in monash. Health's Social Business is Dr Yunus' 2008's number 1 Future Capitalism partnership quest so we seek to focus imnternet conversations that in December

C washington DC where i sit wondering whether alumni of obama and of yunus will help each other to the max as Capitalism's fusion of superpower and microeconomics decides which way globalistaion spins

3 Did you ever get to network with Modjtaba and Shammis the 2 longest running survivors of Global reconciliation Network London known to me (there may be others but i wish paul's group had kept one annual newsletter going because without the cenhtre's authority local hubs permissins to keep in touch erode over time)

4 anything else I should have asked you about your missin or explained about mine

5 Mapmakers like ,e are very interested in triangularisation of city network connections for sustainability - if you have suggested other cities to loop in - I particularly try at moment to also connect new york (end globalisation's rule by big banks speculative owners), paris (western world leaders of future capitalism partnerships), barcelona (most open collaboration knowledge city in europe), san francisco (nearest I am likely to get to internet for poor on west coast -the number 1 topic of ithis month) , johannesburg (free university), lucknow (cross-culturally most exciting social business schooling system and questioner of judges)

best to all who care in australia

chris macrae usa 301 881 1655

search for 25 best video invitations to network millennnial goals and conversation space of what future capitalism you will network is at
This is the sort of invitation I am sending out to college professors who may be trying out the dcds with student classes - again if anyone has an idea for a better first intro - please say


I am not sure if I have the expert language but my view of the world has always been that globalization could only spin one of 2 opposite ways.
My father who wrote at The Economist for 4 decades and I wrote a future history in 1984 where we voted for community-up as the sustainable way

When a year ago I first came across Dr Yunus book on social business and future capitalism , it cheered me up as its the only book I have read that provide maps and maths of community-up. When Mostofa and I met Dr Yunus in Dhaka in the first week of this year, I asked him how big could the network of this book be compared with the networks around microcreditsummit which I regard as far the most successful network for humanity. He said potentially 7 times bigger because we could be doing community up summits on

energy clean agriculture and water
internet/mobile for the poor
management professions/SMBA
micro and egovernment

Our dvd aims to be an accessible way for 10000 youth to see that the 34 years that Bangladesh grassroots networks have been doing social business models they have made deep progress in all these areas. Ones like solar energy and job creation are relevant worldwide not just in developing nations

I believe that with this new knowledge, and a new community building usa president, and other factors we are at a once in a generation period where we could choose a people empowering globalization instead of global-down. I would like to help bring groups together who might lay the way for the 7 microsummits. We expect the 10000 dvds to spread to about 20 significant locations in all hemispheres as well as various people individually. In USA, I am confident that DC, New York and San Francisco will develop significant clusters and hopefully more.

Dr Yunus has made it clear that while he has 25000 employees almost all are very busy in Bangladesh- so he's really asking for ideas on who wants to collaborate around openly extending which areas of community-up knowhow that Bangladesh has developed. People who want to suggest ideas can do that through Mostofa who is good at identifying who's most interested in what at Dhaka. I try and keep notes on what feedback I hear at an overall community space I have more notes on specific microsummit areas but tee are often in terms of people relationships than stuff that is easy to notate.

Where any group has a particular focus we are happy to supply more detailed info like the transcripts of about 10 hours of videos we have made. We equally are happy for any of our html code to be copied, blogged debated wherever people want to - at a practical level there is far more to disseminate than we really know how

We are also encouraging a theme of the month – eg this month is internet for the poor as Dr Yunus receives a major california award for ending digital divides on Wednesday and his pop group will be bringing out the theme song of ending digital divides soon

With students who are serious we do advise trying internships and can help match specific interests if asked. delighted to get questions or suggestions any time


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