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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

The origin of Dr Yunus experiments in global social business partnerships in sustainability was France in 2005. With 5 years to accelerate this networking exponential and youth keen to renew Paris as an entrepreneurial revolution capital om it should be no surprise that France is the leading Collaboration Nation with Bangladesh. Why not join in by getting your region to convene a global assembly - help us catalogue the more than 5000 exemplary participants who have already given this extraordinary collaboration movement   go


 Entrepreneurial Revolutions (ER)  start up round small meetings of people who have the confidence - and openness - to change resource allocations round new patterns of social actions. The most exciting cases change the world by exponentially

compounding healthier society and more productive economy across generations. What
Gandhi, joined by humans such as Albert Einstein and Maria Montessori, called
dramatising whole truth.

My father  enjoyed a microeconomic skill of being early to identify ER meetings- sometimes, as in the birth of the EU, being at them.

If Messina was the most exciting change world event he attended, then dad would rank a 2005 luncheon in Paris as one of the greatest change world events he failed to attend but was overjoyed to participate in its early
networking waves .  If you want to explore what began in Paris
2005, search as many connections as you can find between Grameen & HEC
& Danone & Credit Agricole & French Government & French Youth
& Veolia. MicroMedia that may give you a quick start are and home of the worldwide empowerment
film 8.

If mass regional and global media were doing the best they could for human progress, then people and youth everywhere  would start to celebrate change world meetings soon after evidence of goodwill multiplication was streaming out of communities
which pioneered testing of the new system paradigm.


Extraordinary dynamics of goodwill multiplication and sustainability investment can be generated by designing orders of magnitude of less conflicts into communal systems (ie free markets) of productive and demanding relationships
spinning round purposeful goals which the human species (including our greatest
treasures: children and families) need to serve and be served.

Yes We Can urgently map  possibilities of the 2010s being the most exciting decade to be alive  ( Dr Yunus “Time is Now Chapter” of new book -  Building
Social Business: The New Kind of Capitalism that serves Humanity’s Most
Pressing Needs) . Being an optimist that human beings can co-create better
futures, this was a story my father invited everyone to rehearsals since 1984
Norman Macrae’s lifetime wish was to maximise the netgeneration’s ‘s chances of
 integration of worldwide societies into
globalisation with hi-tech designed to spiral virtuous (hi-trust) and not vicious
compound consequences.

Wherever you feel entrepreneurially most job creative why not raise three
networking cheers: YUnUS with
Dhaka  and Paris– en route to all sustainability capitals.

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