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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

Over 7 years and 100 cafes hosted in cities across 3 hemispheres , our highlights included

New York Collaboration Cafe -January - hosted 15 person event with Muhammad Yunus. Videos made at this event are pivotal to dilaogues around the world with 10000 youth on what collaboration can do to free markets in life critical spheres such as green, end poverty, job creation, community sustainability as well as taking metowrk economics above sum

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Spring Colaboration Cafe in Dhaka

This was convened with the future capitalism's world leaders of water projects including Grameen and the French water company Veolia. They are aiming to filter arsenic contaminated water and then offer safe water at about 100 times less than a business has ever charged before

Water has been one of the great system dialogues and collaboration entrepreneur networking flows since our origins as a cafe format . One first designed to connect the many different issues-actions networks surveyed by the policy network which aims to catalogue what worldwide challenges cannot ever be solved by separate national policies. In 2008, it became clear both with banking and green issues that a networked planet needs worldwide as well as place governance if compound risks are not to crash all over innocent local communities.

With Obama Yes We Can's new era starting in Lanuary 2009, collaboration cafe networkers are well placed both as an open methodology and with hundreds of loosely connected experts across nations and inmany innovation areas critical to sustainability and integrated development of communities across hemispheres
Bronx Cable tv invited the good news of Collaboration Cafe to its community news program. Here's a 7 minute intro to whom we most aim to support in leveraging collaboration to support humanity and sustainability, as well as job creation by and for the people

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