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connecting the best microcreditsummit ever

Having had 2 debriefs from sam daley harris, I think that kenya's 2010 april microcreditsummit may be best ever, but the question applies generally - what would be at a mcs to make it best ever for you

1 jamii bora merits being on any mci fan's world benchmark list as its the first to have scaled around mobile and urban youth as well as women - what innovations youth can bring I cant imagine until I get to kenya

2 you may know that in the early 08 kenya troubles, jamii bora got a grant to rebiild the markets in kibera (world's largest slum) that were burnt down; what I didnt know until today was that Ingrid hunted out the general - youth gang leader who had led the burning - appointed him chief of staff of rebuildung the market- he and many of his prior gang now work for jamii bora; and the respect of turning from their to banker instead of nthe other way round merits imagining

3 kaputei, which I may have mispelt, is Ingrid's dream town of 2000 houses for former inhabitants of slum- it is being solar powered; its running water is based on a microtechnology which is probably world first

4 leaders are coming from the 12 small lake nations like burundi because they have heard income generation builds peace and ingrid knows how

5 I believe it to be the case that jb jas the most economical health insurance a million people have ever been connected by

just a first sampler of why kenya microcreditsummit may be the most innovative place ever to network through

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7 july update from microcreditsummit founder sam daley harris

only had a brief conversation with Queen Sofia after the signing ceremony and panel (which included Ingrid Munro of Jamii Bora) on May 21st in Madrid. Queen Sofia asked Ingrid if she could come to the Africa/Middle East Microcredit Summit in Nairobi and meet some of Ingrid's clients while she is there. Of course, this is not yet a commitment to actually be there.

A few updates on Nairobi:

1. Two Canadian parliamentarians wrote the Canadian High Commissioner to Kenya and asked him to host a briefing with Ingrid on the Summit for all industrialized country ambassadors in Kenya which he will do in July.

2. The Kenya Minister for Women and Children's Affairs insisted that we move the Summit away from early March because it conflicted with the Commission on the Status of Women meeting at the UN in NYC and the Minsiter wants to bring all the women ministers from Africa to the Summit which is now April 7-10, 2010 in Nairobi. Prof. Yunus is confirmed for those dates.

3. Ingrid spoke with a group Parliamentarians from the Great Lakes Region of Africa who are focused on peace called the Amani Group. They became very excited about the Summit and want to participate.

4. Ingrid spoke two Sundays ago to 600 Rotarians at an international conference in Birmingham, England and received a standing ovation. They are excited about sponsoring African practitioners to come to the Summit.

This will the best, biggest, and most groundbreaking regional summit ever.


I notice that microcreditsummit africa is asking people to prioritise their choces for kenya's event in april which I know sam daley harris and team are doing everything possible to make best micro ever

the survey is at

its not easy to fill in quickly; you might like to reherase your responses before of after at

for example you get one chance to nominate a missing plenary, a missing parallel workshop and a missing one day course outside of the summit's core

I am not at all sure I made good choices (welcome debate of what I forgot):

course -
What the world can learn from Jamii Bora as one of Africa's most extraordinary entrepreneurial

The role of youth and microcredit in preventing the death of economics and human sustainability

(yup for my friends at entrepreneurial revolution this sort of thiing is the biggest agenda of them all -why for example microcredit should be on every school's curriculum at every grade -could not the world have been saved from 100 trillion dolars of macroeconomic waste if more people had debated this 9 year old and 68 year old in new york 2008; how dumb has mass media made us that obama thinks yes we can is about restoring old wall street; I am also concerned that microcredit is being forced by the top-down to get too defensive and tied up with its own technicalities just when it needs to use the vocabulary of being the original social business model without which chances of human sustainability would be next to zero the way wall street has globally falsefied economics) -how do we get jeff skoll and larry brilliant and their disaster movie company to guest at kenya -it would help yes we can's re-empowerment from kenya to usa enormously to do so

How is microcredit different when youth are core to membership

chris macrae

can you help find & connect 5000 youth who believe 09/10 is the year that chnaged our futures?

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