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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

Creating 5 million american green jobs & Are solar panels hardware subject to moore's law

The following references suggest that we should not only host a www microenergysummit with a bold hairy auidacious goal but a - what do we need to network together to get job creation spinning? Ideas more than welcome

UN calls for a “Global Green New Deal”.
United States Conference of Mayors : green investment can provide 2.5m jobs.
The Centre for American Progress thinks $100 billion worth of spending in the area would spawn 2m jobs.
Barack Obama proposes spending $150 billion over ten years to create 5m jobs.

What Moore's Laws of Green can we exponentialily win-win-win with?
I ask not having the tech competence to know...if they aren't likely to come down in cost as fast as silicon chips, then its all the more exciting news that Grameen Shakti has worked out how to exponentialise growth of solar panel installation

...making the value ever more sustaining to the community by training up village ladies (action learning course 15 days) to do the after-service of solar energy housing - with an expected green jobs work force of 100000 village ladies by 2012- this means that sunshine developing states all over the world can take a world lead on carbon negative free markets, unless we microeconomics and FC mapmakers are mistaken

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10000 free dvds are now being despatced to wherever people wish to host peer to peer parties on future capitalism of such sustainble sectors as investing in : solar - microenergysummit
education - microeducationsummit
health - microhealthsummit
community banking - investing in people's productivity and job creation

help plan a year long dialogue with themes of the month at
october - solar
november - internet and mobiles for the poor
december - social business of healthcare

version 0 of shortguide to yunusdvd10000 dialogue is attached below


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