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Disaster Capitalism - Naomi Klein versus Big Brothers

About 9 years ago I had a 15 minute telephone conversation with Naomi Klein and 90% fell in love with her - by which I mean I knew I would always enjoy connecting/actioning around 90% of her ideas while being very muddled by 10% An illustration is one of the networks I co-founded with a Swedish brand expert. We held twice a year retreats for several years:
where we agreed with Klein was global media/brands have become extraordinary powerful - like any big power this can be used to bad ends as all are when externalising risks or imaging over reality; in so doing global brands actually destroy all the assumptions adam smith defined by the term free markets - the fact that The Economist has abused Klein's truth over the last 2 decades must have its 1840s Scottish founder rolling in his grave. Its a dismal story that a man can survey 1988 as the year of the brand concluding that brand is all about trust and then fail to use that trust lens in future editorials. St James journalists have been behind the cutrve on every compound risk through the decade of Disaster Capitalism -haven't they?

where my swedish friends and I disagreed with NK was that global brand power could not be used for good; for example today my peer networks argue that the brand multiplying most goodwill in the world is all brands governed by the social business model that Bangladesh now 34 years of expereince with 100000 service intrapreneurs developing in every area of vital human need

if anyone knows how to get in contact with klein, it would be wonderful to find out what she thinks of the Bangladeshi maps of Future Capitalism - perhaps we'd find 100% agreement; I am also well over 90% in agreement with her analysis of Disaster Capitalism; we need collaboration canada NOW just as we need collaboration california NOW if the www is ever to return to the win-win-win media its founder Tim Berners Lee intended

some NK questions: are you 90+% on her side? if so while global banks are in after-shock, do not people everywhere have the best opportunity we will ever have to network to connect a world by and for all people; a world that sees bottom 2 billion poverty as wasting a third of all human lives? something that is as intolerable as it is unnecessary in this first networking century

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TO BE OR NOT TO BE - century 21
I think a globally connecting world involves quite a simple truth - if the people who exercise superpower fail to be the most transparent, hi-trust people in the world then one day soon there will be no people. In the 1920s, my grandad was mentored on this system truth by Gandhi for 25 years, and Einstein seconded Gandhi's motion. So what's shocking is how every year since the start of globalsiation we have let trust be devalued another quarter here another quarter there. At a stage the exponential risk of selecting a low trust globalisation becomes irreversible. That exact stage is impossibloe to model. But if I might be so bold, my advice to compatriots Brits would be if the BBC does not give this sustainability issue more play time than sports by 2012, boycott the olympics please.

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