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Distribution of DVDs - who, where, what do people say, emerging new strucutres ...& interconnectedness!

Dear All!

I would like to open this forum as a way of documenting the evolution and impact of the DVDs as they travel around the world.

I have today posted 3 letters.
1. India - Uma Prajapati, who I met last month in Paris. She is running the following projects:
Upasana design studio
Auroshilpam, Auroville 605101
Pondicherry (TN)

2. Seweden
- Göran Garstedt
Göran Carstedt joined the Clinton Climate Initiative in January 2007 as Senior Director of its Large Cities Initiative. He is chairman of The Natural Step International and engaged in the formation of the SOL Global Network. The Natural Step is a non-profit organization with a scientific approach to sustainable development. SOL—The Society for Organizational Learning—is a learning community of corporations, researchers, educators and consultants, dedicated to personal and organizational development.
Dr. Carstedt is also an advisor and coach to various European, U.S., and Asian organizations and serves as chairman and board member for several corporations. He is the former head of IKEA Retail Europe and member of the IKEA Group Management Board from 1990–1997. He served from 1990–1995 as President of IKEA North America.
Before joining IKEA, Dr. Carstedt served for many years in different executive positions with Volvo.

- Anders, who you know from this network.

Will send more out next week, and then hope to follow up with a local meeting with a local bank. This bank is positive to supporting the educational project: Young Master Program (YMP) age 16 - 18 yrs. Their Convention will be next year in Beijing, where 1000 youth and teachers will get togehter. International Institute of Industrial Environmental Economics, part of Lund University, Sweden, is running the Program. Let us see if they would like to use the DVDs.

This to be followed up next week. End news from the Northen hub of Molde.

What are happening on your side? I am sure that Chris has a lot of input!


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This is very exciting Inger. I keep a very rough weekly analysis of where dvds go at
I have a couple of problems because I dont like to raise expectations. I have spent much of my time in week 3 of year long marathon of and intercity looking for one big user that would be mutually beneficial - eg it would be great if we could get all the free university students of CIDA university connecting round the dvds however that remains a long shot in spoite of nice dicsussions with founder Taddy Blecher.
I will also try and get those who I know are using dvds to come and join us at this space. There's a time warp to this as it often is best to wait until one knows a particular person has a bit of spare time (which I know is the catch 22 for all of us in deciding whether virtual communiteis are going to keep on connecting more and more action for thoee who spend the most time cultivating them and greeting newcomers etc)
The following people haver received DVDs:

- The Oslo Center for Peace and Huma Rights
Att: Kjell Magne Bondevik - 3 dvd

The Kaospilots - Denmark -
Att: Henrique Vedana - 3 DVd

International Institute of Industrial Environmental Economics
part of University of Lund - Responsible for Young Master Program ( 16 - 18 yrs)
Att: Elisabeth Knoppel - 3 DVD

No DVDs are in use by a defined group.


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