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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

death of distance 7 wonders -see the subsystems that change the world - the wholeplanet choice of you & us - to be (interact) or not to be (lurk) human agents of goodwill multplication's exponentials
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Our guided tour is successful if and only if you get to a stage where you discover that you - and your peer networks - are here -where your place on the map starts, and by all means morphs (ie download the map and start editing it - send what map evolves and we'll display ones that support the purpose of goodwill multiplication ; we'll welcome votes, and offer two $1000 prizes to the most voted for 1) votes by everyone, 2 votes by the 10000 owners of the free dvd yunus10000 whose 25 good news conversation starters are shown on our home page. Voting ends after year 1 of Yunus10000 dilaogue which coincides with the 3rd birthday of Dr Yunus' Nobel laureate for Peace and his microeconomics acceptance speech inviting the world to collaborate around social business modelling (video 1) and to partner in Future Capitalism networks grounded by each of the 7 wondrous gravitational energies of social health and economic wealth.

Artwork doesnt matter to our mapmakers- usability does. The map you see involves 25 years of questioning globalisation from te micro or human perspective of valuing trust, wanting to see sustainability expoentials compound up in every community, integrating globalisation around productive and demanding systems but in ways that include every locality's rights- such as the millennium rights of every girl to be born free, nourished, healthy, educated, smartened not addicted by media, governed by an open curiosity that blends every culture's deepest future-history truths whilst recoginmsing death of distance is the biggest change ever to hit one generation and the whole planet.

There are conflicts to be resolved with fancy frameworks like hierarchies of needs. Obviously a being's first needs include clean water, nourishing food, clean energy, health but it turns out that systems structuret a double helix to productive and demaning life-time flows. We also need community banking that invests in our opportunity to learn and lead the most produtcive life we can make whilst doing no harm to others, professions are supposed first and foremost to have hippocratic oaths to compound no risks - that's the only reason why society gives them a monopoly to be expert rulers for the greater good. Professions have not yet mapped the 2.0 people needed then to responsibly transform up to in a world where we are all at least as connected as separated, where separating hard line borders (as the only thing your expertsie refrees) is exponentially and mathematically the most destructive system governance that could possibly be chosen. This is the crisis of soscila and economic that today's generation nmust mediate everywhere and to include everyne. And the oorest must be included first if we are to learn from what both gandhi and Einstein mapped as the onmly way for the hman race to warp through technolgy 's power to rival natore as a worldwide dynamic. As a psenieswe would be extraordnarily igorant to mgo to war on natuyre because as e. s know she is the evolutionary judfar as matematicain. Mathematicians are people who dsign systems around assumptions. Their professional oath is to make those assumptions clear not just to thsoe who paid them but for everyne who uses the map whose usability rules hiow people award and punish performance, cheer or boo sportsmen for hitting a thing a millimetre above or below the net, imside or outside of th e post.

In assembling this map, I cannot help I am not beautiful at artwork. But you can help me in questioning how to translate any jargns from one discipline to another, from one set of old assumptions professionalised before we had the www to anothyer, from ne place's abundances and lacks of resources to another, and so on

I will try and anticipate a few Q&A. But as soon as someome asks a clearer question than I have thought of , I will edit it in above, or recommend clicking to a paralel investigation thread.

Q1 If we think of this map as a gameboard, what are the playing pieces and opening instructions?
a) search for 25 best for world microvideos
b) assembly arond 7 most wondrous microsummits
c) links to discussions and resource webs (where you take what code you need to peer to peer your own webs & logs
d) collaboration blogs - grounded in deep contexts but mapped to connect all life-critical issues back to at elast one of the 7 microsummits
e) news of where leaders like obama and yunus and mandela are inviting youth to project competitions for the world to mini-nobelise win-win-winners- maps to sustainbale jobs being created through open replication to every community in need

you are here
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you are here
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if you know why you are here, please tell us
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