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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

help us catalogue first 50 global social business partnerships

links, confirmation, where to see case actions all welcome -post them in - those that work will be programmed into this top table


8CP10.1 Grameen Social Business Industrial Park 1 in Dhaka includes 3M10.2,4 and 3M9.1,2,6  

 8CP10.2 Grameen Fibreglass 1 - major new corporate partnership with MidEast corporation  IES Alliance

 U10.1 Glasgow University MOU as Institute of Social Business 

 3CP 10.3. Obama convenes first annual 60 country presidents summit of entrepreneurship citing Dr Yunus as the kind of entrepreneur every country cn learn from

 8CP10.4 Uniqlo Grameen UNIQLO -first asian corporate partner of Grameen Bank Group : Fast Retailing
Company Ltd
 that owns Japan 's casual-clothing chain Uniqlo. "On the retail front, we will use the Grameen Bank Group's borrower network of eight million people to help those living in poverty to develop job skills and provide them with opportunities to sell clothes door-to-door," said Fast Retailing. "In the first year, we plan to generate work for 250 people and to increase this figure to 1,500 within threeyears.""Grameen ladies will become their own business owners by selling the clothing products in visits to neighbours' houses,"

dec update

 4CP10.5 extension of Uni Kyushu to include Fukuoka city mayor as social business hub - Mayor of Fukuoka
City Hiroshi Yoshida, Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, Sususu Ishihara,Chairman, Kyushu Railway Company, and Setuo Arikawa, President of Kyushu University after signing the Joint Declaration for the launch of the Social Business Hub in Asia in Fukuoka City, Japan on July 16

 4CP10.6 Japanese royal family

6M10.7 Journal of Social Business

7CP10.8 First Glasgow Global Assembly, july 4 – 25 presentations to yunus

 3CP10.9 First Social Business Day

 10CP10.10  Twelve students from the ShARE student network of asian universities visited the Yunus Centre to follow up from their earlier social business research  in January

 7CP10.11 Brazil's Ministry of Planning, Budget, and Management sends delegation to learn about social business principles

 10CP 10.12  University of Pennsylvania, Syracuse University, University of VirginiaUniversity of Hawaii, and the University of Alabama students and professors came to learn about social business activities in Bangladesh and abroad.  These visits were
also opportunities for the universities to bring social businesses to their

2CP10.13 UN Bankey Moon – expert panel of 3m for women includes Yunus

2CP10.14 Japan JICA - unconfirmed story of dr  yunus at collaboration cafe dialogue 3 july 2010 glasgow - more info welcomed

5CP10.15 -Film star ambassdors of bottom up begun with Australian Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman - in the same fame category ambassadorship has been accepted by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho who also keynoted at the 2010 global social business summit

4cp10.16 socil business fund for water being laaunched by Indian film directior Shekhar Kapur  whose oscar winning films are:


2cp10.17 mhealth alliance:

"The use of technology to improve access to health is dear to me, especially in the farthest reaches of the developing world, where it is needed most," said Professor Yunus. "I look forward to working closely with the other members of the mHealth Alliance Partnership Board. Together we can make real the promise of mHealth: leveraging the power of the world's mobile networks and devices to make better health available to people everywhere."

From Bangladesh, where women in rural villages use mobile phones to call health specialists and doctors in health clinics provided by the government when their children are sick, to Tanzania, where health workers send SMS messages to ensure proper stocks of anti-malarial drugs, mHealth is beginning to change the way the world provides medical treatment and access to healthcare.

The announcement is made just prior to one of the mHealth Alliance's marquee initiatives - the 2010 mHealth Summit. The Summit, a partnership of the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH), the National Institutes of Health, and the mHealth Alliance, is the leading conference advancing cross-sector collaboration in the use of wireless technology to improve health outcomes. About 2,000 leaders from around the world are expected to attend the 2010 mHealth Summit, to be held November 8-10 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.
Read more:

7cp10.18 Nobel Peace Prize winner Prof Muhammad Yunus, Otto Group (Germany) chairman Michael Otto, Baddish Aniline and Soda Fabric Company's Asia Pacific zone chief Saori Dubourg, German ambassador Holger Michael, German business-magnet Axel Stepken and Daily Star editor Mahfuz Anam were also present at the discussion arranged by the Bangladesh-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


7CP10.19 france's collaboration with yunus rises

9 dec

Mrs. Christine Boutin presented her interim report on the social dimension of globalization to the President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy in presence of Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus. The Head of State had commissioned this report to Mrs. Boutin in December 2009, in the framework of the French presidency of the G20 Summit.

The president thanked Mrs. Boutin for her comprehensive work, and emphasized that the social aspect of globalization would be at the heart of the French presidency of the G20.

Theyunussarkozy1.jpg President confirmed that the International Labour Organisation (ILO) would be closely involved with the French presidency of the G20.


5CP10.20 The SolarWorld Einstein Award 2010 will be held on the occasion of the 25th European Photovoltaic Conference in Valencia, Spain, on Sept. 6, 2010.

"Professor Yunus stands for radically new thinking in economics and banking. He has recognized the potential of the poorest of this world who manage to make a decent living on the basis of a small starting credit, a lot of creativity and the sun as the source of energy. This is more than exemplary," explains Dr. Ing. h. c. Frank Asbeck, Chairman and CEO of SolarWorld AG.

Professor Yunus will join a distinguished group of recipients of SolarWorld Einstein Award including Dr. Rupert Neudeck (founder of the so-called Green Helmets), Prof. Antonio Luque-Lopez (Spanish photovoltaic pioneer), Prof. Martin Green (developer of the most efficient mono-crystalline solar cell), Prof. Adolf Goetzberger (founder of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems), Prof. Dr. Klaus Topfer (former German environment minister and former executive director of the United Nations Environment Program) and Dr. Hermann Scheer (one of the spiritual fathers of the German law on renewable energy sources).



Establishment of Grameen Technology Lab

Grameen Technology Lab (GTL), a Japanese foundation, is established on the Hakozaki Campus of Kyushu University, one of the biggest national universities in Japan, on December 24th, 2010.

The mission of Grameen Technology Lab is to support corporations, NPOs/NGO and government that promote social business domestically and internationally by utilizing Japanese technology in various fields.

The other missions of GTL are;
1. Support to establish joint ventures between/among corporations and Grameen family
2. Incubation to create Social Business
3. Promotion and enlightenment of Social Business
4. Provide other services such as consulting, PR and networking

GTL collaborates with Grameen Creative Lab @ Kyushu University (GCL@ Kyushu Univ) and transmits information regarding Social Business as a Social Business hub in Asia.

Prof. Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank, who is also a distinguished university professor of Kyushu University, is assumed a Trustee of GTL.

Dr. Setsuo Arikawa, President of Kyushu University, is assumed a trustee of GTL, and bothDr. Hiroto Yasuura, Vice President of Kyushu University and Mr. Masaharu Okada, executive director of GCL @ Kyushu Univ, are assigned director of GTL.

4. Mission: Promote the concept and practice of Social Businessbased on seven principles of Social Business defined by Prof. Muhammad Yunus utilizing technologies in various areas of industries.
5. Trustees:
・ Prof. Muhammad YUNUS, Founder of Grameen Bank
・ Mr. Susumu ISHIHARA, Chairman, Kyushu Railway Company
・ Dr. Setsuo ARIKAWA, President, Kyushu University
■ Activities of Kyushu University to promote Social Business
Kyushu University has signed MOU with Grameen Communications, one of Grameen Family, in 2007, and both jointly carried out projects towards the computerization of microcredit operated by Grameen Bank in Bangladesh.
Kyushu University promotes other projects with Grameen Group, One Village On Portal (OVOP), and it allows Bangladesh people in village to share the information of their villages and connect through to theworld. This is a good example that Kyushu University utilizes the University possessed knowledge and technology depending on the needs of developing countries and it corresponds to the idea of Kyushu University's Asia oriented-mind.
■URL(Grameen Creative Lab WEB site):
Grameen Krishi (agriculture) Foundation (GKF) has tied up with a
leading Japanese agro-company, Yukiguni Maitake Company (YMC)
Ltd, to produce mung beans in Bangladesh.
Both the sides entered into a joint venture agreement yesterday.
Prof Muhammad Yunus, chairman of GKF, the agriculture arm of
Grameen Bank, and Yoshinobu Odaira, president of YMC, signed the
deal at Grameen Krishi Foundation building in Dhaka.


 8CP9.1 Otto Grameen Factory of Future - garments (with a focus on disabled staff)

 8CP9.2 Grameen BASF 1 Mosquito Net Manufacturing (also vitamin schets but not manufactired locally?) 

 U9.1 Grameen Nursing College (GNC) - a multipartner venture - core staff training provided by Glasgow Caledonian Yunus Centre

 U9.2 Glasgow Caledonian Yunus Centre : Social Business Professorhsip Health; Prooftesting Grameen microcredit Scotland; training for GNC 

 U9.3 Grameen Yunus Centre- Asian Insitute of Technology, Bangkok

 U9.4  Grameen Kyushu Japan - Development of digital equipment 

 U9.5   CSUCI CA state University Institute of Social Business

 4CP9.3 Social Business Zone, Caldas , Columbia

 8CP9.4 concept testing of $1 shoe Grameen Adidas - probably to be marketed Reebok

 1CP9.5 Cure 2 Children

 2CP9.6. Islamic Development Bank

 U 9.6 Zayed University Dubai

2CPO 9.7 Nike Foundation (partner on Grameen Nursing) - video on Nike F girl effect- Nike itself is a leader of (video by ceo Moke Parker) GreenXchange  (tapscott review) 

with 2degrees, Best Buy, Creative Commons, IDEO, Mountain Equipment Co-Op, nGenera, Nike, Outdoor Industry Association,, Yahoo! (Yunus at launch of GreenXChange)

8CP9.8 Ali Baba , Jack Ma


5CP9.10 Sing for Hope

 8CP8.1 Grameen Danone

 11CP8.2 DanoneCommunities SB Fund and PanFrance New media Network

 8CP8.3 Grameen Credit Agricole

 8CP8.4 GrameenVeolia

 U8.1 Grameen HEC SMBA includes Danone Social Business Chair

 8CP8.5 Grameen Intel - first project pregnanvy continuous mobile diagnostocs screening

 8CP8.6 various healthcare partnerships include Mayo Clinic, GE, Pfeizer

 2CP8.7 Grameen America launches bank for unbanked -branch 1 queens ny, branch 2 omaha

 4CP8.8 Grameen Carlos Slim microcredit Mexico  

 1CP8.9 Green Children Eyecare 2 Bangladesh replictions Aravind model

 10CP8.10 Monaco Yunus Social Business Fund 

 2 CP8.11 wholeplanetfoundation partnership with wholefoods


Gameboards that go play way above zero sum with collaboration partnering


Tech for poor


100 million+ job creator league tables


Nurse for all


Other health


Artists Peace Corps


Public Broadcasting for 2010s most exciting decade


Economics for Youth




Changing Laws to be community bnking friendly




Cp12 netizen ER

Cp11 digiyouthjobs

Cp10 sb prizes

Cp9 unis

Cp8 corporations

Cp7 collab nations

Cp6 TN$audit – unpro100

Cp5 noble media

Cp4 sustaining place leaders

Cp3 microsummit

Cp2 microfound

CP1  sb bank



Global assembly



Daone speakers list 3000

Danone speakers list 1500

Social busienss day 2010-08-10

Yunusforumn web

Other kazi –grameen solutions

Others zasheem in contact with

reporting in association with  family foundations,,,,,,, GrameenEconomicsLab

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