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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

links to 3 most important growth markets - energy , smart media and edu, collab apps of webtech

We like to map links to practice networks that inspire us before we debate what is the most valuable human purpose of any specific market


energy - see grameen shakti - we keep some detailed logs at where we try and integrate data from the green awards web httP:// run by a friend of mine, and - other purposefully valuable energy models include Husk Power  barefoot power   Prakti Biogas ovens  - rough notes on the future economics of energy are here


education and media - jobs competitions, free universities, nursing coleges are examples of edu futures we need whereas monica yunus shows how to tarnsform the future of heroes beyond an enetertainment star monopoly

apps for web-tech - we spend any time we can get up at MIT - yunus related tech networks revolve round intel, kyushi in Japan and you tell us

Collaboration Entrepreneur Notes from Japan - ever since dad's survey on Japan in The Economist in 1962, the Macrae family has found senior Jpanese decision-akers more friendly to the futures worldwie youth need to co-create than any other alumni group. Notes on  Kyushi tech parthership with yunus are here, they have just written a new book in japanese - contents index in english coming soon; the japan ambassador in bangaldesh kindly convened an norman macrae rembernace party spring 2012 to discuss tehse sorts of youth econoics netwirks in greater practical detail



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