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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

Mapping Social Business Support Centres of Dr Yunus and Sustainability Investment Models born in 1970s bangla

Dr Yunus calls 09/10 humanity's greatest crisis year - will we bend the curve (of globalisation's system failures) while exceptional people networkers like Yunus and Obama have the flow?


do please help us search out any other links between these 2 world powers Y & O who care about people's futures. Since starting 1000 bookclub around dr yunus social business fileldbook in 2007, I have met Dr Yunus 10 times, and I try to map who is doing the stuff where that he most applauds.

Europe has become a world centre of yunus social business partnerships thanks to saskia and hans in germany; Zasheem in Glasgow Calendonian; Paris the birthplace of Future Capitalism; Prince Albert's emerging social business fund from Monaco; and Queen Sofia in Spain playing an active role in both microcreditsummit kenya 2010 and hosting the world event out of madrid in 2011. I feel quite out of date in terms of mapping other parts of the world's connections across the 7 micro-spaces - credit, energy, education, health, media, professional system designers of bottom up, gov. So please tell us where you see the other centres of yunusworld connecting. Mostofa also welcome 5000 youth ambassadors in this process and one of the main meeting nings is Dhaka's (69th birthday present to Dr Yunus) includes this partnership listing within academic and youth realms

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