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Micro Leaders Quest -please help connect ideas

I have now talked to several people who are doing fantastic grassroots end poverty work somewhere and often have franchises that can be investigated for replication anywhere with an analogous vital need

In one way micro leaders quest is like an open source knowledge game of snap between
A) places where sustainability is being empowered in the community by projects that become small business operations owned in the community
B) networks of Yes We Can youth who would like to participate in great stuff and some way of innvovating hi-trust connections (usually between richer world and poorer world)

If you do have time to post please clarify whether its A) or B) or both that you are talking about

Bangladesh is leading practice celebrations of end poverty worldwide not just in microcredit but in solar energy, mobile solutions etc - we can offer various choices on how to connect from internships to taking a party of people who have funds to spend if they see something they want to replicate -see eg for the range of end poverty services that you can learn about at Grameen ; since most of sustainability world's leading micro solutions have either been invented within institutes in Dhaka or are being tested in a developing country by one of the leading microcredit epicentres identified by these 100 members of congress , this is the most empowering Capital City to visit if you are looking for community solutions to end poverty, go green, or develop a 21st century networking mission. Dhaka was once nicknamed by a first lady as the open university of microcredit but these days its better known as the open university of micro everything. Dr Yunus is just editing a fieldbook reflecting on 30 years of inviting collaborations around micro-up development which we are hoping will become a best read among Obama's Yes We Can generation, and You!

Last summer at the microcreditsummit in Bali, Yunus announced a dream of certifying 5000 twin nation youth ambassadors exchanging MicroSolutions -ie knowledge transfer agents between Bangladesh and other places where ending poverty needs sustained, loving and entrepreneurial attention. The Millennium Goal world owes Dr Yunus -and 100000 Bangladeshi's now improving Micro solutions - help in turning this dream into reality by 2015. When you see what Grameen knows how to do after 14 years of investing in community solar power, it becomes evident that yes we can green parties across USA may want to also be early luminaries of the Bangla5000.

Over in Africa, research for and had led me recently to meet 2 extraordinary hosts who are working on virtual as well as real ways to visit their operations : principally in malawi and reachthechildren which I am beginning to think of as being everything that UNICEF cannot reach at deep community levels of empowerment

Both Micro & Reach offer to help university student clubs who are interested in microcredit sustaining community empowerment in Africa. There are specific practical ways to get doing stuff quickly as well as celebrating the overall idea of building continuity of a twin relationship between a university group and the permanent african grassroots operations. With less integrated approaches, cases come and go with the student intake but there is no reason why not make this permanent if we wish to sustain millennium goal relationships. If we can twin cities, surely we can twin an university and a microplace. Neither going green nor ending poverty have dynamics that fit into hundreds of separated student projects. We can also see virtual technology increasingly helping to do a long-term kiva between a university and micro-operations of a community. Soon, microloanfoundation will also be offering is to corporates who want to celebrate ending of digital as well as other divides.. For $100,000, a small amount compared with ad budgets used by organisations that do global branding, a word class corporation can adopt a whole microloan village, track all the microentrepreneurs or children's vocational skills developing there, and match volunteer mentoring or real project experiences that staff may want to be involved with . Already 2 of the intrapreneurially happiest service economy brands - virgin and whole foods - have found that permanently adopting a micro-development place energises their employees in ways that nothing else does. So we see the opportunity of assisting micro leaders quests as becoming one of the goodwill waves to energise www if millennium goals are to be honoured.

Help improve the living script of Micro Leaders Quest. Suggestions, questions welcome!

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