The Global University of Poverty - Curricula Welcome

End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

Nominate 3 delegates to microeducationsummit if yours is to be a future capital

3 delegates to microeducationsummit if yours is to be a future capital


League tables - suggest a capital not yet included or how you would change nominees for one already cataloguing collaborators in the education revolution needed if 2010s is to be youths most productive decade


  • Blecher
  • Elders for Youth (hosted by branson, inspired by mandela and gandhi)


  • JICA www development of youth
  • Nippon Green Agriculture
  • InteractionGames & reality media eg Dragons Den


  • MIT1
  • MIT2
  • MIT3


  • Ingrid Munro
  • GreenBeltMovment


  • Ashden Green Jobs
  • BBC Patten World Service Jobs & Celebrating Partnerships with China
  • -space for Entrepreneurial Revolution Action Debates beyond what Parliament or Beeb can host


  • Mrs Begum
  • Sir Fazle Abed
  • Impacts of Iqbal Quadir


  • Africa24tv
  • Danonecommunities
  • Convergences2015


  • Youth1000JobsBrainstorms
  • Home of interface's any industry can design partnership network with a half-generation plan led to make going zero carbon/waste the most profitable investment ever made
  • Carter the last US parnet to dare sustainability strategy
. .New Zealand


  • Wholeplanetfoundation and conscious capitalism alumni
. .Lucknow

.Oregon & West Coast

  • Grameen Intel
  • West Coast origin of youth1000 jobs brainstorm


  • Open source journal content pro-youth economics edited By scholars of A.Smith
  • Origin of the colege for ending nurseless villages

.New York

  • Monica Yunus superstars in community
  • Makerfaires
. .Sweden


  • Dragons Den= Social Shark Tank
  • Free The Children
  • MastercardFoundaation


. Poland .
. .Brazil .
. .Burma .
. .Oxbridge .
. Brussels .

why we sequenced way we did with apologies to places currently shown at national or state level due to our lack of more detailed information


middle column- The Economist's Unacknowledge Ginat was best loved in Tokyo where The Emperor honored Norman Macrae with the higest award for an international economist and systems mediator; london was where norman worked helping to convene over 1000 luncheons where world eladers could drop in and brainstorm entrepreneurial revolution off the record; 1976-2075 need to be Asia Pacific worldwide century with China having more lives to raise productively than anywherhelped by Japan's expereince in multi-win world trade system designs ; new zealand educators took most seriously note of norman's 1984 book on how to empower youth of the net generation to co-create 3 billion jobs (green*deep communit*tech' with million times more collaboration capacity), and linked in 10 million chinese families to earliest explorations; Lucknow benefits from the world's favourite schooling system designe by a family of 4 and currently growing up 40000 children a year in the world citizen values of Gamdhi and the practical knowhow sharing of Montessori; Glasgow and Isle of Arran are where Macraes most enjoy planting entrepreneurial media labs including the journals of new economics open content being edited by adam smith scholars; Sweden was the last nation in 1993 to commision its own customised report from Norman on how the future of its net generation economy could have the best expoenetial impacts worldwide; Poland was the last country to engage Norman's advice in redesigning its valuation of systems from communism to capitalism; Brazil was where Norman's father had his first and last assignments as a British consul; Burma and Dhaka are where Norman spent his last days as a teenager navigating RAG planes out of world war 2; Cambridge is where Norman was one of the last alumi tutored by Keynes in the hippocratic oath needed given Genral Theory had shown that only economics rules the world (system designs); fir its first years Norman was the EU's extrenal adviser on the economics and media of markets designed to free peace sans frontieres


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for more join in at portal for all microsummits being designed round co-creating the 3 billion jobs norman mapped as essenetial for net generation in 1984:

a billion green

a billion deep community so every youth can develop entrepreneurially

a billion that only million times more empowering collaboration tech can generate as our world and lifetimes productivities - go borderless


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