The Global University of Poverty - Curricula Welcome

End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

please help update log youth & yunus yes we can

we welcome you lifting html code to your peer webs - but please note this top log will keep updating - for more background on 3 years of research from which this log 09/10 emerges, please see and - primary intercity collaboration spaces for alumni young and old of practising yunus goal of uniting human race round poverty museums

last update 9 aug 09 -5000 youth ambassador alumni 09/10- go to the web vefore spetember 1 to apply to Dhaka lead team of YAM to be part of founding youth circle that mobilises freshers week with clusters of activities that you choose with peers of making this the greatest yes we can uni year with Yunus, Obama and all who lead like them - an early goal is to get 50+ youth members to kenya microcreditsummit april 2010 promised by founder sam daley harris to be best ever - remember to ask obama to send senion ambassadors at any op from obama/yunus prseidential medal week on aims to create ways of hosting events as small as a uni disco club and as large as a yunus-mexican wave at the olympics - YY logo, songs, dances and other youth celebration kits are being co-created with youth brainpool and of course anyone with an idea that will economically wow the world into connecting poverty museums human race

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deadline aug 24 - 2 minute collaboration movie of yunus 69 birthday wishesSunday, 9 August, 2009 2:46 PM
To Estelle Founder of Micious University Movie Clubs that ChangeWorld & Unite Yes We Can

Dear Estelle

what is the chance of having any 2 minute film of the yunus 69th birthday dialogue to match these 2 collaboration cafe clips

back in spiing 2008, we wanted to offer freshers 08/09 across universities training on how to host collaboration circles around one invited action theme which might also be stimulated by having a particular youtube to discuss and the participants in that youtube available to before and after connect action ideas with - this is an experience we collectively call collaboration cafe after at least 7 years of 100 hostings in over 10 cities; we missed freshers 08/09 for various reasons to do with editing film

I dont want to miss that with youth ambassadors 5000 and year 09/10. Moreover there can be great multiplying synergies between youth ambassador 5000, launch of your micious uni clubs, yunusmovie expectations and collaboration hosting circles if we get the timing right. I hope I have made it very clear how youth and 4 other networks of yunus urgently need each other in 09/10 at - if someone has a clearer map please show it us

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