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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

post murdoch - changing economics of media - every day in every way


The Economist has recently concluded that the purpose of media used to be social; then advertising forces took over making it anti-social ;


perhaps the Murdoch chaos signals it's high time to get back to good news decade of social business media as film-makers like will wenders have demonstrated;

2012 notes:

thank heavens for DANNY BOYLE building on this link in opening the olympics- royal star power linked to 3 billion people awareness is very much needed for - celebrating nurses as the most vital social networking practice ; berners lees original collaboration entrepreneur goals  including experiements with open source everything that could bring down degress of separation on life croitical knowledge sharing; and sporting superstars supporting youth's most deeply grounded and openly replicable community projects




notes from 2011 and earlier


our priority for rest of 2011, we will be advancing 4 regional efforts


1 london (uk) how can we go from worst media and politics in world to best before olympics - would royal families across europe as leading empowerers of sustainability and youth like to join in

2 france - now that global social busienss partnering is 7 years old in frnace- what are the most exciting 2010s projects france is inviting everyone to linkin with

3 as the imperial family of japan is well know for prefering microeconomics to macroeconomics how can green social business stockmarket ideas help japan recover from over-nuclearisation

4 since MIT makes fair claim to be number 1 job creating university in world - how can we learn from interview program designed to partner yunus and MIT and hopefully make greater info tech connections all around Grameen America's hometown base


of course, if your region has an ideas for celebrating sb every day in every way to share, please tell us

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Media Ownership

Dismantling Murdoch’s Media Monopoly


  • March 2011
  • 350,000 signatures
For too long, Rupert Murdoch and his manipulative media empire have enjoyed undue influence over our politicians and distorted essential issues like climate change and the war in Iraq. This year the rogue media baron tried to tighten his stranglehold on the UK press by taking over BskyB.
Everyone said we couldn’t stop it but during months of tireless campaigning, we took over 1 million online actions, sent 668,784 messages and made 30,000 phone calls to members of Parliament, running stunt after stunt as well as 2 opinion polls that showed massive public opposition to Murdoch’s power grab. With some incredible reporting from The Guardian and great work with 38 Degrees, we won! Now we are focused on changing media laws so that no media baron can ever again own more than 20% of the press.
Tom Watson MP said: "Avaaz members in the UK and throughout the world lead the campaign to make politicians listen to the victims of phone hacking. Now everyone knows that Rupert Murdoch just got too powerful. The Government will have to act to make sure that a hacking scandal can never happen again. You spoke out. You made a difference. Thank you."

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