The Global University of Poverty - Curricula Welcome

End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

In Banking for the poor , Dr Yunus makes the purpose of banking so clear that 11 year olds see how exciting nd useful banking can be in developing peoples lives and sustaining community


his journey in building 10 times more econical community models (social business) since 1976 in sequence:


make small loans ti a group of poor people who are completely underemployed- eg the basket weavers trapped by loan sharks  


experiment survey on needs and corresponding design of loans, market place and knowledge hub around the poorest who want to invest in their own lifelong job creation and their children's upbringing -eg village centres of 60 poorest young mothers


encourage culture of savings -supply next needs in most economical & community empowering way : children's nutrition; minimum safe roof over head, health, education ...

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