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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

Decades of depression are both mass psychological and real (caused by being trapped in broken systems - witness this 2008 view of wall street's impact on youth through the 2010s unless we transform). It will take more than coca-cola's I'd like to teach the world to sing that helped move america out of its depressing vietnam war; but yes we can still sing for hope if we want every city to empower youth to free themselves entrepreneurially from both the finacial and eductional traps that have been set. That is the yes we can motion of thread- can you help us devlelop the communiry rising architecture to just do it.


founded by opera singer monica daughter of Muhammad Yunus with an all star leadership & participants cast including placido domingo Bringing back the joy of community to every place in New York where people want to celebrate singing and meeting each other .. connecting every way that entrepreneurial people can co-create more social value


Sing for Hope warmly welcomes professional artists, student-level artists, arts-support volunteers, donors, audience members, charitable organizations, and interested corporations.


  • We can’t do it without you!
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  • 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, bring Sing for Hope to your event by clicking here.
  • Corporations and individuals, bring Sing for Hope to your event by clicking here. - what if media and schools empowered youth and the greatest heroes of youth's sustainability goals and superstars mentored each other's actions as well as imagemaking  -one of the most social revolutionary programs the BBC has ever broadcast.


why not twin city your capital's number 1 way youth entrepreneurs create jobs and multiply social value with New York's way -please mail in intercity candidates


Paris -


50 capitals  







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