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Sustainability demands that we quickly understand what makes new kinds on national leaders who deeply love community empowerment and ending poverty. This thread invites you to log up details that may help undesrtand commonalities or differences between Yunus, Obama or indeed anyone shaping a Nation's capacity to end poverty and support millennium goals within and beyond its borders

DR Yunus chooses 5 of his favourite authors- from Forbes
Rabindranath Tagore
I admire Tagore for the lyricism of his novels, poetry and music, and especially his depictions of the natural beauty of Bengal. At the same time, I admire him for his deep humanism and commitment to uplifting of the masses through self-help and education. He challenged orthodox systems of learning and translated his vision of education into reality by setting up a learning center in Santiniketan.
Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay
I admire the simplicity of Sharat Chandra's writings about Bengali rural life and society. One thing that I found striking in his writings was an affection and deep respect for Bengali women. Sharat Chandra, like Tagore, was also very vocal against social discrimination.

Manik Bandopadhyay
In addition to his many short stories, my favorite novel by Manik Bandopadhay is Padma Nadir Majhi, in which he depicts the struggles of the boatmen on the Padma River. Having risen from poverty himself, Manik was acutely aware of how it affects behavior, and in many of his stories, he writes about the complicated psychology of ordinary rural people that contrasts with the serene natural setting in which they live.
Emile Zola
I admire Zola's work, such as the powerful Germinal, because it rails against the exploitation of the many by the few. But his message is not one of despair. Instead, it shows humanity's capacity for compassion and hope.
Charles Dickens
Dickens is memorable not only for the vividness of his characters but also the intricacy of the plots in his stories. I enjoyed Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, David Copperfield and other books because they are not simply stories but also powerful social commentaries.,hr>
On Nov 12 Dr Yunus receives California's primary technology awards for humanity, spanning countries such as Senegal, Peru, Hungary, Canada, Namibia, Germany, Egypt, India, United Kingdom, Laos, and the United States. The selected Laureates’ projects address multiple humanitarian efforts including narrowing the digital divide, expanding renewable energy, improving multilingual education and empowering women in developing countries
. Here are companion laureates in renewable energy fields:

NComputing, Inc.: NComputing, based in Redwood City, CA, taps the unused power of a standard PC and redistributes it to multiple users, helping organizations in developing countries save on deployment, maintenance, energy, and replacement costs and thereby narrowing the digital divide.
The Portable Light Project: The Portable Light Project, based in Boston, creates new ways to provide clean energy. Portable Light textiles with embedded flexible solar materials and solid state lighting enable people in the developing world to create, own, and benefit from energy-harvesting blankets, bags and clothing in an open source integration model.
Solar Electric Light Fund: Washington D.C.-based Solar Electric Light Fund developed a solar power drip irrigation system to help farmers in rural Benin, West Africa, cultivate their crops. The technology eliminates the need for fossil fuels and battery use used in irrigation methods in developing countries.
Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) Biotechnology, Arcadia Biosciences, Inc.: Using genetic engineering, NUE technology reduces nitrogen fertilizer requirements that are among the highest-polluting components of farming, while maintaining crop yield.
Biomass Energy Project, Cheetah Conservation Fund: Namibia-based Cheetah Conservation Fund’s Bush Project is a biomass processing plant that uses a high-pressure extrusion process to convert invasive bush into a clean and economically viable alternative to existing products such as firewood, coal, lump charcoal and charcoal briquettes used for cooking fuel and barbecues.
Renewable Energies Promotion Fund, Practical Action: Using locally manufactured and assembled equipment, The Renewable Energies Promotion Fund of the Latin American Regional Office of Practical Action in Lima, Peru, has developed a system for the construction, finance, and management of decentralized micro-hydropower in remote mountain villages that would otherwise not have electricity.
Sunlabob Renewable Energy Ltd: Laos-based Sunlabob rents large central solar charging stations to village entrepreneurs, who in turn rent out rechargeable exchangeable solar lamps to local villagers. These solar lamps provide not only light, but also a source of power for mobile devices such as telephones.
Kudos to this year’s laureates for a job well done. For more information, visit

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Bank a Billion - Mobile Leapfrog Goal by 2018 Some small things replicate a billion times now we have internet - latest progress report on obopay and grameen solutions bank a billion partnership out of India

The international community should work with urgency to place poverty in the museums, the only place it belongs, said Dr Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Solutions, on receiving the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize. Guided by his vision, Grameen Solutions today has become the global pioneer in promoting economic and social development through information and communications technology. Having done some path breaking work in countries such as Bangladesh where some of the worlds poorest strive for basic financial services, Grameen has demonstrated how microfinance can empower the underprivileged. Now, Grameen is looking at extending its services to bigger markets such as India, where the government too has a strong focus on financial inclusion. As a first step toward achieving this objective, Grameen and Obopay, the pioneering service provider for payments via mobile phones, recently announced a first-of-its-kind alliance to use mobile technology to deliver banking services to a billion of the worlds poorest people by 2018. The Grameen-Obopay Bank A Billion Initiative will provide access to affordable financial services, including cross-border remittances, money transfer, payments, and savings and credit accounts through the ubiquitous mobile platform.

Thrust on Inclusion
One of the biggest challenges the world faces today is financial inclusion or what one may call banking the unbanked sectors. There are many research and economic studies that state that when a critical mass of people or consumers are brought into the banking sector it has a multiplier effect on the countrys GDP, leading to economic growth. It is estimated that the banking sector itself grows by 10x while the countrys economic embassy undergoes a revamp. If millions of people are included into the banked sector, they get access to credit, savings, financial services, and remittances, which automatically increases their purchasing and investment power, says Vijay Balakrishnan, CMO, Obopay. Hence, many developing nations are looking at financial inclusion as an economic and strategic objective.

India is one of the biggest unbanked countries on the globe. According to certain estimates there are about 500 mn people in India who dont have access to basic financial services. This is why the RBI has asked banks to take up financial inclusion on a war footing. The financial inclusion project, as is envisaged by the RBI, looks at the creation of what is called a no-frills account. For example, in a metropolitan city like Mumbai, about 30-40% of the citizens are unbanked because they do not satisfy the orthodox AVCV norms (address verification and credit verification) as they dont have a permanent dwelling place or other collateral. This is where microfinance institutions come into play as they hold the capacity to create no-frills accounts that are more flexible compared to the conventional bank accounts. Microfinance institutions (MFI) identify groups that have the potential to break the poverty barrier, and depending on their own business model they are able to lend basic financial assistance at very low costs. The RBI and the Ministry of Finance have stipulated very strict regulations which demand that any kind of money transfer should be linked to a bank account. So, today, MFIs are actually taking on that responsibility where they borrow money from the bank and lend it to under banked masses while maintaining accounts for the money dispersed.

So how exactly will the Obopay-Grameen intiative work in conjunction with the financial institutions? The recent tie-up aims at creating an ecosystem consisting of Obopay and Grameen Solutions as technology providers, banks, microfinance institutions, and telecom operators. All of them will come together and create an eco-system that will be capable of achieving last-mile connectivity in reach and distribution. Obopay and Grameen are working toward creating a mobile banking solution that works well with the current MFI model. This initiative will help MFIs to leapfrog, and enable them to create no-frills accounts and provide low cost credit, while bringing the unbanked into the banking sector and delivering the kind of financial goals that the government of India is keen on. We believe that mobile based financial services will provide under banked people with multiple financial options. A significant portion of this population do not have the option of savings, so they see their future one day at a time. This project will bring about significant changes in their power, thought process, and their future, says Kazi Islam, CEO, Grameen Solutions.

Videos 6 , 18, 19 are Yunus10000 good news exclusives with Kazi Islam Dr Yunus's leader of Grameen Solutions

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