The Global University of Poverty - Curricula Welcome

End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

Social Economy Breakthrough Comes from Youth and Yunus Social Business Competitions

Worlds Youth Fund




Here is an introductory description of the 7 forces impacting the productive freedom of human lifetimes

7 Nutritrition (ie human energy) ; goal end both hunger and obesity; issues include food security, food deserts, value chain mapping, crop sciences, irrigation

6 Energy (ie machine energy) : issues include end waste; end poisioning nutrition and nature;  transportation infrastructures ..

5 Communications technology- The defining change of anyone alive today - everyone's a knowledge networker or microentrepreneur in post-industrial revolution multiplying real and virtual lifetime; also impacts how nations with a future design urban , rural; changes reason for and modalities of education and emdia

4 Education

3 Health

2 Home and safety - how families and communities and cultural forces impact growth of productive lifetimes -links to mental and physical health, and peace

1 Finance as a human right particularly credit accessible at times most relevant to freedom of productive lifetime  of person and her peer network and hubbing communities' sustainable and social futures


source first 100 yunus social business competition entries of youth entrepreneurs



can we profile first 100 competition entries by these factirs so as to maximise intra-project knowledge networking


can we make sure that reports from states active in competitions are shared - eg washington dc competition process running between now and april 6 can help student entries interact at 3 levels

-mayors remits; federal remits; usaid foreign assistance remits


as a scot I also have an extra puzzle since yesterday with a referendum on country's declaration of independence in 2014- the country needs to be viralised with youth sb competitions before that takes place -something yunus can help with as next week sees his installement as a chancellor of one of glasgow's universities

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