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I am participating in an ongoing online conference sponsored by SEEP on Social Investment. It is very, very frustrating since people think that SRI's are those who invest in social projects ... like the song says, " ain't necessarily so."

Most so called, SRI's are really investors in Microfinance Institutions, many of whom charge in excess of 100% EFI (effective interest rate) and not the Grameen Bank, or BRAC models for certain. Such investments suck funds away from SME, or SGB's causing a lack of growth funding for community development as small businesses are the incubator of the merchant class.

Does anyone know of true "Social Investors," (not philanthropists but investors)

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I have gone round serial mulberry bushes with seep myself - if we can hatch a peaceful gunpowder plot at one of their meetings of networks please hawkes me up

at MY's 69 th birtday celebrations and weeklong dilaogue in dhaka June 23-30, we were promised by YC real sustainability investors wll come out to play in europe next year with the likes of prince albert in monaco cheerleadingl I dont yet know if there is an equivalent usa wave; though this thread is laterally thinking connected

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