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Survey : How could the Obama vision of 5 million green jobs happenYou

might wish to reply to - or offer links with - subsections of this survey

1) What community activities can create 5 million green jobs - eg solar franchises , microcredit banking for everyone's a community entrepreneur, free university to peer to peer learn by doing, and open source vital service replications people need most

2 How do we play, map, log and mediate the greatest networking collaboration games so that community-up social actions renew the nation

3 What are the large scale global village meeting formats that help catalogue projects - how to map knowhow links and united calls for actions through facebook, nings, wikis or other shared planning and action resources

4) - how do we select pop stars and media who are grounded in community so that the value spreads through grassroots networks, back into the communities where people work hard, so that fair trade blossoms, trillion dollar markets are free to progress the greatest exponential responsibilities of each sector not compound speculative risk onto next generations

5 what else could YES WE CAN youth & micronentrepreneurial revolutionaries help each other survey to see through maps we design where we are going -how we choose goodwiill multipliers and design the most purposeful organisational systems and networks humanity has ever valued and evolved

America is most unlikely to succeed in sustaining 5 million green jobs in ways that unite people  across states and communities unless it maps 10-win across these coordinates spinning no conflicts of the kind that become another wall street where one coordinate becomes a big power and takes from all the others. Below we list how places that are succeeding in communalising green jobs connect 10-wins
*P4 *p5 *d5


Societal demands of credit for the poor, internet knowhow for the poor and green energy triangularise around the same map. Some may find it paradoxical but economic value is also systemised around these foundations. This is partly because nature is very contextual in the way she treates biomass mapping. She expects one waste output to become another system's local input. People who globalise a standard cannot expect to biomimic nature's microscopic interactions. Their giant processes compound ever more waste both in its own boxed in way and where it tries to interface with other global boxed-in designs. It is for reasons like these that the carbon energy world's largest organisations seldom find serving edgy innovations of solar -or other clean energy maps-  fit their modus operandi. This is neither a social nor an economic reason for letting them block rapid deployment of clean energy-  which is as abunadant as we choose to work it.


*productivity entrepreneurship & 5 collaboration games

Bangladesh -with its microentrepreneur 1 2 networks - is a world leader in creating green jobs, installing more solar units than USA. Lesson #1 appears to be - connect every rural community to the opportunity of green jobs through internet centres - it would be a disaster to have unequal access to green job creation (just like it would have been a disaster if USA had only connecetd some of its states with highways) 

*demand entrepreneurship & 5 collaboration games. *d3


Energy is ultimately about liberating productivity of people. While linking green energy across the USA may not be a case of giving poor people electricity for the first time as it is in bangladesh , the principle of how can green energy liberate the poorest is the most sustainable  starting place we can imagine mapping for developing 5 million green usa jobs in the most sustainable way. The economics of solar are such that returning value produced by the energy to the community should be the primary gravitational focus of yes we can’s first wave of connecting green knowledge for and by the people.

*d1 *d2.

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Dear Chris!

Are you going to be at the Green Ball in Washington DC for Obama's Inauguration?

Hope you are invted to attend the Green Inaugural Ball on January 17th, hosted by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

Why do you not get in touch with the organizers - you live in Washington - you are part of it!!!!

Wish you all the best for 2009 - best regards to your father! Thank you for having a chance to meet you in 2008.

Here is also a releavant link to Earth Day Network: (quote)
This will be a "gift" to Obama as to launch a Green NEW Start for the US economy!

"The World Health Organization estimates that climate change is responsible for over 1.3 million deaths since 2000. Yet our economy's dependence on nonrenewable energies is depleting our resources, polluting our earth and adding carbon-dioxide to our atmosphere. Times are tough, but if we work together now on environmental solutions we have the opportunity to build a sustainable green economy and a brighter future for our children.
A stimulus package of $400-$700 billion will be sent to Congress in a few short weeks. Earth Day Network needs your support now to ensure that 1.3 million deaths are not ignored, and that environmental campaign goals are not sunk by vested interests pushing for unsustainable development.

Our goal is to raise $200,000 for our grassroots campaign to keep Congress focused on developing a road map to solving climate change and investing in a truly green economy.
EDN needs your help now to fight for:
A carbon-free future based on renewable energy with the ultimate goal of a coal-free world.
Personal commitments to responsible, sustainable consumption.
A new green economy to create jobs and help people out of poverty.

Securing a green stimulus package is part of EDN's Green Generation Campaign, a global action plan that will capitalize on our unique ability to unite nearly 1 billion people around the world to stand up for our planet not just on Earth Day but every day. With your support, we will use our new leverage in Washington to mobilize our members and the public to ensure that the stimulus package creates sustainable jobs and a healthy environment.
(stop quote)

More info on EDN. Click!
Thanks Inger - I will try and browse through the host committee to see if I can find any deep connectors
Host Committee

2009 Green Inaugural Ball Host Committee


Alliance for Climate Protection

Alliance for Sustainable Colorado

American Council on Renewable Energy

American Renewable Energy Day

American Rivers

American Wind Energy Association

Apollo Alliance

As You Sow


BIG: Blacks in Green

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies

Center for International Environmental Law


Clean Tech & Green Business for Obama

Clean Water Action

Defenders of Wildlife

Earth Day Network

Earth Policy Institute


Energy Action Coalition

Energy Independence Now

Environment America

Environmental Defense Fund

Environmental Law & Policy Center

Environmental Media Association

Evangelical Environmental Network

Fourth Sector Network

Full Circle Fund

Geothermal Energy Association

Global Green USA

Green for All

Institute for Community Resource Development

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Investors' Circle

Latina Initiative

League of Conservation Voters

National Hispanic Environmental Council

National Hydropower Association

National Parks Conservation Association

National Tribal Environmental Council

National Wildlife Federation

Natural Resources Defense Council

New Economy Roundtable


Physicians for Social Responsibility

Presidential Climate Action Project

Rainforest Action Network

Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition

Sierra Club

Social Investment Forum

Solar Electric Power Association

Solar Energy Industries Association

The Climate Group

Third Way


Women's Earth Alliance

Steering Committee

Organizational Committee

Aimee Christensen, Christensen Global

Bree Raum, American Wind Energy Association

Malea Stenzel, National Wildlife Federation

Bill Stetson

Shannon Watson, Solar Energy Industries Association

Steering Committee

Jeff Anderson

Celia Canfield

Morry Cater

Aimee Christensen
Shelley Cohen

Greta Davis, National Wildlife Federation

Tom Gray, American Wind Energy Association
Monique Hanis, Solar Energy Industries Association

Jennifer Jones, National Wildlife Federation

Chris Madison, American Wind Energy Association

Samuel Perry

Bree Raum, American Wind Energy Association

Rhone Resch, Solar Energy Industries Association

Lauren Rosenthal

Shawna Seldon, Rosen Group

Marianne Smith

Malea Stenzel, National Wildlife Federation

Bill Stetson

Randy Swisher, American Wind Energy Association
Michael Terpin

Britt Theismann, American Wind Energy Association

David Traub

Yelena Viner, American Wind Energy Association

Shannon Watson, Solar Energy Industries Association

Tom Weirich, ACORE

Greg Wetstone, American Wind Energy Association

Michael Wimer

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