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The Trillion Dollar Industry Wars Between MicroCredit & MacroBanking

we live in a strange time warp

a few months ago microcredit had to defend its truth maps against big banks who forecast that microcredit was growing from a 5 billion dollar market to a 15 billion dollar one

today the value of these big banks is near zero and arguably microcredit is the only safe model of banking- this makes the attempts of those paid by big banks to discredit or dillute knowhow of how true microcredit maps ever more trojan

let's use this thread to display some of the arguments going on live around the world of microfinance conversations

please help everyone to know the difference between true microcredit and the fakes

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From December 9 discussions at 1000+ MF group
If Dr Yunus and a 9 year old can have this dialogue back in january about the compound risks of subprime , I believe that saying the FT (Battle for Soul of Microfinance) was behind the curve is extremely generous
--- In, "Clement Wan" wrote:
> Chris
> How did the FT article get it wrong? It seems a bit facetious to say that FT wasn't ahead of the curve on subprime when the crisis has
moved from a government failure to a larger failure of confidence in
the market because of an inability to value assets. continues:
since 2000 those who have read inquests into how goodwill in measured -eg unseen wealth published by brookings and georgetown - know that global analysts in wall street have been compounding risks like there is no tomorrow; volcker has interestingly stated that wall street got taken over by mathematicians who didnt understand finance- but as a mathematician I know that one of the problems is that big money pays for certain types of analysis to be done and broadcast and blocks other

nowhere is this more true than letting the west enjoy deep understanding of what bangladeshi microcredit is designed to do- I doubt if there is one person on the the FT who writes about MFI who has ever visited a bangladeshi village because if they had they wouldnt make pompous remarks about yunus being dreamy in saying that everyone has entrepreneurial capacity if they have a chance to learn and do

of course it may be that this group intend to talk about microcredit and microfinance as opposite systems one designed to help poor people sustain themselves, the other to reimprison them in poverty chains

so maybe folk here want to choose an opposite definition of microfinance- meanwhile I am nearly happy with this one on microcredit in an attempt to make sure that the yes we can networks love true microcredit as much as Obama does

2 What is Microcredit? Designing the safest banking system so that the poorest are everywhere included in developing the world.

Microcredit multiplies hi-trust flows through sustainability investments geared to empowering the lifelong productivity potentials of the poorest. With caring peer to peer support, poor members of this cooperative banking system take out loans to maximise entrepreneurial actions connecting their own income generating capability and communal mapping of how to compound the end of poverty.

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