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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

Srarting from 2 deeply entrepreneurial centres in 1976, 34 years of work have gone into mapping transparent solutions to the problem obama has voiced as : Thought for the Decade: President Obama:   16 April 2010We know that without enforceable, common sense rules to check abuse and protect families, markets are not truly free - rsvp with other references in obama's journey to bend the curve of command and control superpowred systems to people empowering economics whoch teh 1776 declrtion ofI celebrated eg 1 2 3


opposite way round PRECEPTS of trillion dollar audit 



true & fair auditing needs to be publicly published for trillion dollar global markets just as much as reports of individual organisational systems that play in that market


Time is Now for yuNus 2010s worldwide open plan; everywhere that networks invites youth to announce the most inspining sustainbility goals to unte race for 2020 ; why shouldnt peoples lives be spent on producing solutions to life critical needs and not just those who use wall street as a casino with a gambler's kitty that's too big to fail; countries that follow the wall street model are being led in the least economical way possible;


historically countries where biggest organisations are celebrated for improving the human lot develop strong economies; yet in a networked connected world "death of distance" means that communities of the human race are everywhere likely to be crashed into by the biggest non-economical country- pardoxically this means that every social business entrepreneur may need to help the peoples of the USA before the USA can enjoy joining in 2010s human race to end poverty


there is  missing systems curriculum  from 5th grade up without which humanity cannot survive getting ever more locally and globally interconnected; one insight from this curriculum is that there is a common market molecule of value multipliction whether your communal or other leadership responsibility is for a start up entrepreneurial concept or the transparency of a global marketplace;


this molecule shows everyone  simultaneously how to connects productive and demanding realtionship coordinates round truth of purpsoe ( lower down this thread we will start to intriduce this molecule);


in search of the most pursposefully designed organsitions

is a different from the Mckinsey MBA mindset " In search of excellence"; excellence makes generalisations that blind people to context-rich solutions and over time reward the bureaucrat not the grounded theory of the continuing expermenter in what people next need



 right now in asking what globalisation do you want earth to spin round your chldren and their children. those who studied maths to the stage of calculus need to reflect how integration is  micro up process; this explains why people have no wy of controling global other than mapping the most local of details; for those who didnt get as far as calculus dont worry you can help the world return to sustainability with trillion dollra audit if you know the difference between multiplication and ddition - astonmishingly most global professions rule solely with additive metrics; they do this because they prefer to look perfect in ruling over separate boxes than admit that the boundary conection between the boxes is where most of the opportinies and threats of networking worldwide multiply 


other micro up and collaborative interfcing prpocesses include nature and of course the scientifically famous double loop system design of human dna itself; it was bevause of this design that turing proved that humans can always be smarter than computers if they choose to map such a  future world; moreover the father of modern dy computing ws keen to vlue open source bove ll other modlities; nd to stress tht nobody should become too expert in computers without minding an equal attention to above zero sum business and social models of value exchange


a market isn't free (the way that scots and other entrepreneurs nd microeconomists since adam smith defined goodwill's whole truth system dynamics) unless it compounds futures humans most want -for example any market that is not designed everyweher it impcts direvtly nd indirectly to invest communally in youth and future generations is collapsing the fundamentl dna the humn race has been built round ; Einstein first announced that this problem would be the defining chlenge of our generation (as the first to go networked) in the 1930s after closely working with Gandhi and his challenge of innovating beyond the top down power of Englsh Empire's professional classes -those whose slvery nd other processes-   took what begn as the one of teh 5 healtheist and wealthiest regions and accidenrtlly mstered centiry of dminstratio of it into rural poverty with a few rich capital centres mostly serving englisg interests

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talked with professor michael baker at strathclyde university and notable journal publisher - results are;

1 british library will tell us in due course how to transfer isbn title of journal of social business from michael to zasheem so that the showcase first issue of dr yunus , zasheem's , muscatelli's (as glasgow revises a total university curriculum to be SB friendly) and you all's best social business papers can appear in issue 1 in jan 2011 coordinated by by zasheem and majority owned by the charity centre for development scotland which hosts global assemblies like july 4

2 michael will launch a more general journal - so you want to market sustainability for 2010s please provide impact metrics you use alongside any method or case you write up

I think its fantastic that scotland has 2 journals filling the missing curriculum of sustainability and apart from my bias of being a scot I hope all who joined in on july 4
will share that joy; I intend to be in dhaka at the same time as zasheem probably end of next month and will try to ensure dr yunus shares the joy

assembling open coding guide of 12 types of collaboration partner in sustainability exponentials: the 6 dr yunus helps the SBworld connect ; the 6 youth & tech need to help dr yunus to connect

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