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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

vote for blogs worth organising personal impact networks around


legend: personal impact network eg is youtheuropebanking worth saving?


would you or students/associates be able to help edit

an americas blog similar to concept for youtheuropebanking -

ultimately to see it handed over to the convergence of student

microcredit and social business clubs aimed to land in atlanta

I assume the us map could start by profiling how students can interact with:


kiva zip

grameen america bank

san diego student and womens circles banks

the clintons arkansas microcredit if it still exists

notes on which of the are us based and build on 

mary's and ron's 30 years of knowhow

as well as banks it could mention youth funds if any yunussb states have constituted those yet

once we got the americas blog working , we could we make a  start

in time to mention africa blog to youth helping

tebabu with usa africa diaspora summit networks?


Reason for need- the poland nobel laureate summit failed to build on Polish-French maria's Nowak networks including:

Brussels European MicroCredit Summit hosted by EU one month after Global Microcreditsummit Spain; which included at that time Polish ministers chair of Europe ... 

If Atlanta is to similarly fail then its not valuing youth properly

legend: personal impact network eg is youtheuropebanking worth saving?


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Back in 1972 observations at The UK National development Network for computer assisted learning -around which the Economist curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution and Asia Pacific Millennials Century were launched - suggested every youth's personal impact network would be the most valuable individual and collective dynamic for everyone in the first net-connected generation

Economically and socially, Personal impact network/compound different value exchange dynamics (including future purposes of trillion dollar market sectors around a global village whole planet) than the lowest common denominator social media network wherever new media tools are being chained around advertising mindset instead of the net as the smartest knowhow multiplying media we humans have ever designed

The hypotheses we help youth action in world summits and through education and behavioral exchanges matter - how can we agree a short checklist

For example a leading hypothesis generated from interviewing all of yunus leading entrepreneurs in grameen in 2008 was: in whatever is a person's last 2 years of education maximising their entrepreneurial collaboration network around their studies mattered far more than examination certificates

Some hypotheses that I wish to help students/millennials work on are:

1) Linking in as many chinese peers will have a positive consequences on your impact network and on theirs

2) In particular if chinese people are in time in transforming beyond carbon cycles,  celebrating that is our human race's best chance of sustainability

3) The more medical students we can linkin to valuing the nearly free nursing college idea the better the future affordability and access of healthcare will be for everyone starting with those born in most vulnerable 




Currently the issue is not which of these hypotheses you agree with me on but whether you accept the view that designing world youth summits to design the sorts of futures yunus wish to empower the net generation to happily and freely develop needs understanding in this area.


many thanks chris macrae washington dc 301 881 1655 skype chrismacraedc


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