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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

what are you up for networking around clean energy

I am interested in helping connect 2 types of somewhat opposite networks

1 Community Solar & Biogas

Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank prove that at a community level in rural developing economies, thriving carbon negative approaches are simple to do and create tens of thousands of local green jobs

I believe the way forward would be to assemble a microenergysummit patterned similarly to the world's most successful network which set a huge 7 year long goal and connected it

for example part of microenergysummit needs to make a diffuse market so that those who end carbon usage get the credit to install the solar -this group aims to connect 250 million clean energy households in exactly such a market

as bill clinton has said, if one bangladesh company can achieve this, imagine what the usa could have done by now if over the last 12 years instead of investing in wall street bubbles it had taken invetsment in community-up green energy seriously; I certainly hope that youth and community builders around obama get back on track and in the process decimate all the global-down old energy powers that have been obstructing this

2 Photosynthesis

I believe that at a large scale level the best opportunity has fallen off government lists for alternative electricity generation plants to coal or nuclear etc. This is photosynthesis. I dont understand the technology/science of this but I get the impression that a handful of innovators who need to come together to make photosynthesis work don't trust each other so the whole approach never gets represented successfully in the cut-throat global markets of which energy futures to believe in. If anyone has ideas how to sort this out, very happy to try and help.

chris macrae

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