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what not to do if you don't have enough money to change the world tomorrow - SOCIAL ACTION STORIES

I made this commitment to a fellow member
I will start a thread : what not to do if you don't have enough money to change the world tomorrow . Its a crucial question that I have now seen raised both openly and very non-transparently many times. I don't particularly enjoy hosting a debate on it cos I know that DR Yunus has 100 times better replies than those I can transcribe but let's have a go any way, and see if we can discover anything

1 Dr Yunus' advice - if you are a socially concerned person - appears to be start as early and in as small a way as possible - one whole chapter of Future Capitalism is devoted to social action models. He defines this as a small team -typically 3 but any small number more than 2 - who agree one focused goal and a year long commitment to it. Choose something that needs to be put right in your local community - in an eastern context this might be try and find a way to help one beggar stop being a beggar. There are various reasonings to this process:

first write up a shared action learning diary and share it with your real friends- even 3 people sticking to one thing for a year will cause all sorts of relationship strains; document them as early as possible; see if indeed you can sustain team work

second this social action can deliberately be chosen to involve very little money in determining success or failure though if you succeed, there's potentially a solution that deserves replicating; its also a case that the failure or success is actually less about your team and more abut the quality of community around you; that is why ideally a fraternity such as freshers start many social action teams off at the same time; and much of the community building challenge will be shared

third, after a year you can reflect is that something I want to spend much more time on- if so is there a social business model - ie where would I find initial investors who care so much about the goal that eg they might offer me a free loan to start replicating what our social action has just microfranchised


1 The whole microcredit movement started in 1976 around a social action of 4 people- it is in 25 years of looking the most successful opportunity we have to collaborate around changing all that is spinning globally wrong.Have a look at the maps of emerging microsummit networks you can tell us whoich summit you one day want to be in whether or not you have a solution franchise to contribute to it

1a One of the biggest questions all aliumni of Yunus and Bangladesh micro-networks encourage people to debate is - where is future job creating going to come from? the vast majority of good jobs will have to be invented by youth themselves is evident in all their experiences .. social action is one way to bring vocational curiosity and low cost apprenticeships back into schools - this is also why I recommend every city (and this shold be a conduit back to rural) needs to start replicating the free university model of taddy blecher in s. africa

2 What if you are now the wrong age to have time on your hands that youth has to deeply incubate social? I don't have a great answer but perhaps you need to ask yourself - do you actually have a practical method that is ready for franchise replication. In which case can you find a youth group to share this with

3 What's really important in this is not to do things the wrong way round. this is to go round making noise about how you want to be the change , asking for large amounts of money to get started on something you haven’t detailed in a cheap and team-working and year-long way.

I am sure I have over-simplified, and not explained the humanity of social action the way dr yunus could as a person who has seen his social action turn into a social business model and then a model that is the best for the world in the whole sector of banking, and because it invests in open non-patented franchises can collaboratively network into every community-application area - eg health, clean energy , education, internet for the poor. One of the things we need is not just a microfinance club in colleges and schools but a social action one. Teachers actually need to take the idea of social action back to before puberty. An Indian schooling system that has now matriculated over a quarter of a million students has found that the open self-confidence -emotional intelligence of teamwork - is best practiced before you get to puberty and its challenges to self-realization. It is extremely sad that western schooling systems tend to examine exactly the wrong way to empower social business entrepreneur teaming to be as important as adding up numbers

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