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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

what should youth know to demand the most value multiplying purpose of the 9 markets controlled by Olympics Sponsors

These 11 corporates are declared by the Olympics Commiittee to have exclusive responsibility for leadership meaning of their markets out of London's Sustainability Olympics - we invite your editing of our provisional ratings of their global village sustainability meaning to the net generation



Non-Alcholic Beverages



Computing Tech Equipment




Infromation Technology



Chemistry Company


..General Electric.

Selected products of

GE Energy, GE Healthcare,

GE Transport, GE Infrastructure, GE Consumer & Industrial,

GE Advanced Materials and GE Equipment Services



Retial Food Services



Timing, Scoring, Venue Results



Audio/TV/Video equipment



Personal Care & Household Products




Wireless Communications Equipment



Consumer Payment Systems




- fine how would you judge whwther each is leading its market to sustainabiloity in every way that its sector has most responsibility for


we are concerned with 4 dimenmsiosn of sustainbility if you would like to help us give this companies AAAA to EEEE ratings


1 eco sustainability

2 end poverty sustainability as net generation united goal

3 job creation sustainability in at least 2 areas company does miost business namely - which people's savings iot most funded the company with and which economics are fragile if it is uses its power to say it will move on unless

4 specific risks of the sector that leaders have most knowledge of and should be presenting compound risks of (not externalising risk onto societies that have elast knowledge)


we will be developing an individual discussion space for each sponsors sustainability rating - a few inintial remarks: dow as owner of union crabide isnt a company we would rate; visa hasnt helped much in understanding credit's main role as investing in peoples productivity and given dee hock's supposed expertise in chaordic system of system dynamics one would have hope for more advance warnings on too big to fail over the decade of Wall Street's 00s


 Further ref: Olympics marketing facts file

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