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Which is worth less the global bank or the global ad agency

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Understanding the extraordinary contrasts between community branding and communications branding has become a planetary emergency.

Firstly these differences didnt always exist but around 1990 global branding valuation algorithms were invented and they increasingly biased the value of a brand towards how much communications money was spent on it until today some trillon dollar value exchnages (aka global market sectors) are all image and have very little responsibility of purpose -not even for the number 1 safety issue that consumers in a specific market might value. Here is part of Time's list of top 10 bank brand and fin services slogans of 2008 - note how hundreds of millions of dollars was spent on each image - and in some cases nothing on safety simply defined as don't compound undue risk of destroying your depositors wealth.

Lehman (deceased) - where vision gets built

AIG (required biigest bailout ever)The Strength to Be There

Washimgton Mutual (deceased) Whoo hoo

IndyMac (deceased) Youn can count on us

Secondly, community branding insists on transparency of 10-win governance; communications branding you should assume that its all done for the most speculative of quarterly owners unless - metrics and simple maps people representing every perspective of sustainable community can openly understand - prove otherwise.

Thirdly, if a banker, academic professional, or anyone in a sector that has harmed communities you know ever tells you they were doing free marketing- laugh at them until you see whether they are capable of blushing. The definition of free marketing was never about maximising the cost to compound the least safe organisational systems in the world.

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