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Which National Leaders Support Global Health

If you live in a nation where your national leaders support health goals in the world's poorest countries as well as their own, please log up what your leaders say and which networks cheer their actions. The global financial meltdown brings opportunity & risk to global health. The risk is that nation's put off their global promises until tehy are less afraid about money. The opportunity is to collaborate. There are an increasing number of social business innovations that show 10 times lower cost health services can be designed when all involved trust each other to share vital knowledge, local people are empowered to do the routine work (being in the village 24/7 in charge of basic medicines, serving patience convalescence, educating on prevention, being connected with early critical information alerts that stop a plague spreading etc). Technology can share scarce expertise and match when an expert visits an area with who has a chronic need that has never been responded to. A fascinating question today would be if amicromalraisummit is convened in 2009, would it be able to set as bold action and cost-effectivness goals as microcreditsummit did in 1997

Attached are millennial goal promises obama made on 25 Sept 2008 at clinton global network. He chose a focus to end malaria with these words:

Disease stands in the way of progress on so many fronts; it can condemn populations to poverty, prevent a child from getting an education, and yet far too many people still die of preventable illnesses. Today I'd like to focus on just one, malaria. We have eliminated malaria in the United States, but nearly one million people around the world still die from a mosquito bite every year.
Eighty-five-percent of the victims are African children under the age of five. In Africa, a child dies from a mosquito bite every 30 seconds, and by the way, this is something I've seem personally. If you go to the village where my father grew up, where my grandmother still lives, the toll of malaria remains throughout the region.
And beyond the devastating human toll, malaria weighs down public health systems, setting back global capacity to fight other disease. So today I want to join with the global malaria community that is meeting here in New York to make a new commitment: When I am president, we will set the goal of ending all deaths from malaria by 2015. It's time to rid the world of a disease that doesn't have to take lives.
The United States must lead and when I am president we will step up our focus on prevention and treatment around the world to get this done

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Press Association 6 Nov 2008: Brown pledge over global health

Speaking at a central London conference organised by Health Secretary Alan Johnson, Mr Brown said some people would argue that the current period of global financial turbulence should mean ambitious plans are postponed.

"I believe there can be no worse time than this to turn back," he said.

"We will now successfully address the global problems we face only if we work together for global solutions."

He said that "president-elect Barack Obama is determined to play his part in addressing health inequalities around the world".

Mr Brown told delegates they were united in their belief that every child, man and woman, no matter what their birth or background, "should have the best chance of a healthy life".

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