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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

Why are we so addicted to capitalism that we can't imagine a future without it?

Capitalism is an  economic and social system in which capital and land, the non-labor factors of production (also known as "means of production"), are privately owned. (Wikipedia)

You don't have to be a starry-eyed utopist to realize that capitalism, as a mode of production, is itself a product of history, i.e. it came into being at a certain level in the evolution of our collective creativity (also known as "forces of production), and there's no reason to believe that any organizing paradigm of a society, born in a given moment of history, will enjoy eternal life. 

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george is there a possibility of getting muddled in language? my understanding is that we are at that point of rapidly increasingly connectedness time that einstein agonised over having cheered on gandhi's transformation; namely when the whole world of communities (cf schumacher) needs to do a gandhi at the same time throwing out all macro-sponsored professions to become sustainable micro up system designers the way nature ultmately integrates - transforming to a higher order system (with more win-win-wins) that we are in

I look at say 99% of the world's largest system many which seem "maddeningly" to claim the right to compound the least responsibility and to be valued separately compounding ever more rosk at their boundaries; as unseen wealth researchers reported 2000, we need a different maths for revaluing them , one that takes account of compound exponential they are already spinning; that is what we would have if every global market was free to value sustainability

what we dont have time for in my opinion is to deny the 1930s! keysian statement thta increasingly only economics rules the world - not democractic or other govs but the numbers we use to measure performrance and rewards- so change the measures and the freedom of speech to demand that human right back from professions whose monopolies were granted under assumption they would obey hippocratic oaths ;

its the greatest maths error (not valuing compound expoentials of sustinabilrtty) we need to change to be empowered micro up instead of powered over macro down; the bad and the good news is only if we change this maths error can we start to see sustainable communities blossoming all over the world again

adam smith's capitalism ws community up , so was the origin of the french word entrepreneur, so I think probably in 1776 was declaring freeom and happness in being proiductively free from the english colonists; the problem is not the natural human activity of exchanges between producers and those demanding solutions it is that we dont have transparent monitoring of those for everyone to help control owners; big and speculstive businesses have bought up the ruling professions (egl those advising wall street) and they have turned market exchanges into lose-lose-lose games not win-win-win ones -the choice of which type of market exchanges do we want is there for us all to change from fallible macro down global to sustainable micro up global

map the whole truth of how exhnges compoud expoenially up or down as pursposeful systems of productive nd demanding reltionships is the way out; to mme the ,anguage arhgument as to whether that is or isnt capitalism then becoems are herring
I am not incidentaly that interested in wikipedia defintions which always refer backwards; so yunus defines a choce of capitalism including that where markets serving most life critical needs are owned by or in trust of those in most desperate need; post wall street , many now recognise that the conflict of the global system we are trapped in begins and ends where owners instead of behaving as true sustainability investors become speculators who gain from volatility up or down; but that no more means that capitalism has to be one or the other; as you probaly know the french had a very unhelthy capitalism where all assets were owned by kings, whose heads were cut off and that created the possibility for entrepreneurial capitalism - one where the "between take" of assets freed societies how to use the most precious assets; fortunately over 10000 french youth are re-enacting that discovery now but without recourse to the guillotine - instead they have the marvellous (fan web )

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