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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

to co-edit with us rsvp vote for top 10 bravo #3 JimKim

.10 Yunus  -BEST NEWSCASTER EVER just in last 6 years diaries 1000 life changing concepts yunus has connected  since jan 2008 which youth might otherwise never have been aware of- his valuetrue role plays the opposite to the ad agencies that spend half a trillion dollars a year rehearsing concepts that are marginal improvements at best and are failed bankers value chains, job-losers and dirty 20th century's  at worst- how about you? BU inventions - Financial adviser, builder, energy-adviser, mobile telecoms for every 60 poorest mothers

.Headlined on Youth's best jobs news of week in association with linkedin group:

.10 may 2014 Lucknow Educators have discovered how almost any illterate adult can learn to read a newspaper in under a month; 17 may 2014 -youth funding news....puddle started last month to celebrate san diego as number 1 youth microcredit practice area has made first thousand dollars of loans; amazon smile now fundraises for Yunus Creative Lab 501 Foundation.. celebration of first t.....

Our search begins with 10 leaders (2 known as collaborative open networks). Its not that these 10 are separately the 10 greatest job creators but after 7 years of updating Entrepreneurial Revolution dialogues begun round te futures of the net generation in The Economist 1972,  we see opportunities to collaboratively map urgent ways that they could connect 2010s win-wins with each other and job-creating youth. We hope to publish a working draft in time for use by 20000 youth live and 15 nobel laureates atlanta november 2015 and millions virtually

VALUTRUE CHALLENGE and curriculum of We prioritise a list of 30 most urgent trillion dollarmarkets (eg energy, 3 sorts of education , 2 sorts of banking, basic health for all ....) to repurpose so yoputh can co-create  exponential sustainability and jobs- between our 10 nominees there's a way to mediate total value chain change towards greatest goals humanity has ever enterprised and communicated around


online library of norman macrae--

Of course if you want to mix and match with your own ten why not discuss with us how we can win-win? -washongtin dc 301 81 1655 skype chrismacraedc -linkedin9500

yunus as centre of 1000 concepts that excite youth most

sir fazle abed as sustaining the largest and most collaborative grassroots network both out of bangladesh and in countries where brac is fully invited to enter

ingrid munro -originator of what microcreditummit used to call the other member of the 3 most original model of microcredit - out of kenya her model is unique in linking in youth and urban slums; nairobi is also epicentre of ilab, cashless banking and nanocredit

women4empowerment - this is directed by yunus first female director at grameen phone (back in 1996) she thus knows the who's who of which billionaire mobile entrepreneurs want to help development; she has also united ith first ladies across usa who want to change flagship and superstars

akira helps us explore japan and asian promises out of tokyo- note that 60% of all youth are in eastern hemisphere during first quarter of century 21

Can you help us develop videos on curriculum of microcredit with mother?How different could the post-2015 millennials' goals world be if as much worldwide attention went into microeducationsummit as microcreditsummit?

Join the UN Global partnership with Youth conversation live hereor - extracted below


educators who could:

partners around taddy blecher- south africa free university for entrepreneurs - curricula now being extended to 14 million school children and changing aprrenticeship systems- partners include branson and google

the gandhi famiily in lucknow- world's largest schooling system (50000) run as a family enterprise; deepest research on literacy - almost any illiterate adult can be taught to read a paper in a month; world elader in empowering cross-cultural confidence before adolescence

joi ito as current connector of media lab at mit the epicentre of why mit open source technologists create more round tte world start ups and jobs than any university lab

investors who could

jim kim who is changing world bank in parallel with the other cool korean ban ki-moon who is demanding that youth are at epicentre fo post 2015 goals and global compacts -NB we recommend the system methodolpgy of jim kim attached (2030now) as critical for freeing purpose of any trillion dollar market sectors impact on human sustainability out of every global village and openly across youth networks. He has already shared this with 50000 students at first change world mooc

soros the original giving billionaire an the only one who knows all the errors of macroeconomics which urgently need to be given back to communities bottom-up and through open society networking

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3 Jim Kim2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc 2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc, 40 KB  #2030now    1  2 Healthy Cheerleader of net generation's social movements and value chain transformations (Farmer ... ) Cool Koreans Free UN's valuation of youth - and UN youth envoy

10 Yunus  -BEST NEWSCASTER EVER just in last 6 years diaries 1000 life changing concepts yunus has connected  since jan 2008 which youth might otherwise never have been aware of- his valuetrue role plays the opposite to the ad agencies that spend half a trillion dollars a year rehearsing concepts that are marginal improvements at best and are failed bankers value chains, job-losers and dirty 20th century's  at worst- how about you? BU inventions - Financial adviser, builder, energy-adviser, mobile telecoms for every 60 poorest mothers

x9Sir Fazle Abed - BEST VILLAGE ENGINEER EVER -nobody in The Economist's (first 43 years of searching) both's engineers and audits the 3E's of microfranchsing with such relentless love (empowring self-confidence of all involved) as sir fazle abed and the world's largest and most collaborative grassroots networks BRAC. BU Inventions include - para-health, legal adviser, literacy and jobs educator for every village ...
7  Ingrid Munro -JB1  JB2   -Empowering Africa's Slumdog Billionnaire Partners
6 Taddy Blecher summary of maharishi uni.doc summary of maharishi uni.doc, 556 KB -Missing Jobs Curricula of Open Education Youth Valiues Most
(Branson, Mandela Elders, Google, Gov)
6 Gandhi family lucknow - breaking news almostany illiterate adult can learn to read a newspaper in a month  ( Sal Khan Missing platforms of open education's most urgent apprenticeships)
8 George Soros Missing Microeconomics and Open Society Search(Gorbachev

W4E/F4D - videos 1  2  3
2Akira Japan or Ali Baba Jack Ma China's next 100 Million SME Jobs connector Ending Digital Divides of last great nation before borderless world youth's dreams-be-true
1 WWW YouthLabs everywhere open source can reach, and Berners Lee (MIT, San Fran ) - Negrpronte, Joi Ito ...

Education -from UN forum for Global Partnership in Youth'spost 2015 goals

What specific youth related target would you like see feature in the Post-2015 development agenda related to Education? What specific, time-bound commitments would you like member states to make?

To improve discussion, try to post one target per submission. For ideas on what targets can look like, refer to the report of the High Level Panel on Post-2015 -

Ensure equitable access for all children and young people to primary, lower secondary, secondary and tertiary education, with a focus on the most marginalized.

The ‘most marginalized’ children, includes but is not limited to, girls; children with disabilities; indigenous children and minority ethnic groups; poor children; working children; those living in disadvantaged areas, in informal settlements or on the street; refugees and migrants; and those affected by emergencies and conflict.


I have spent a lot of the last 7 years learning what Bangladeshi mothers designed into microbanking for the poor in exactly opposite ways to macrobanking in the west. It turns out that investing in their childrens education and health was the number 1 reason why they dared to take loans and become income generating. Because Bangladesh was born the poorest 100+ million nation ever- rural services were privatised in a unique way the world had never seen. By grassroots service networks empowered out of every community with the least -no money, no electricity, no sanitation, no communications until centres of 60 poorest women were given the role of sustaining the community. Imagine 25 years of this culture is celebrated with the happy accident that a bank owned by poorest women invests in mobile phone franchise at one hundredth what the price of any other mobile licence. What sorts of village lab partnerships might emerge between 1996-2015?


So yes this GPY goal is absolutely critical- we go further and believe that microeducationsummit needs to be most open network for post 2015 goals. There are several parallels to keep an open mind on. Here are 3 "forbidden questions" I suggest you always keep an open mind on

at any age what system design differences are there between job-creating education and education that doesnt directly value this goal in every social action?

is there any case anywhere that government has actually led the initial innovation of affordable accessible job creating education including those born into communities with the least?

how is  is the community relationship different between children, teachers and families where education for the child born poorest sustains as much happiness and productive freedom for that child's social and business networks as any other child's?

Back in 1972, my father at The Economist and I were involved in student experiments with early digital learning networks. The curriculum of entrepreneurial revolution emerged- it was designed around one overarching system challenge. That of making what the net generation connected around the smartest freest job-creating medium ever. Search out wherever young people are empowered in this way and you will find the most beautiful cases to replicate across a global village planet

more on invitations to greatest youth jobs summits ever hosted between twin future  capitals - Atlanta & 


7 days in september: does usa know any ways ahead to truly value the net generation's time and borderless planet?  fashion4development W4E/F4D videos 1  2  3 summit new york-
yunus atlanta youth gala 27 september   [see attachments
and now this 4 hemisphere summit in usa 52 years into  The Economist considering Japan as best for peaceful world trade and worldwide youth:=   new york 28 -30 sept
pillar 1
The stories for the tech for digital life track predict how tech innovations in the next 10 years will exceed the productivity gains achieved in the past 200 years:
  1. Media Tablets that teach, sense and report.
  2.  Next generation environmental interfaces.
  3.  3D print my car, my parts... my meal too.
  4.  E-readers transforming the future of lending. 
  5.  Better digital security, better digital society.
  6.  Meet the millennials of gamification.
  7.  Insights about audio and video analytics.
  8.  Inside the lab of the world’s top IPO.
  9.  A new era of 3D circuits for smart phones.
  10.  Augmented reality creating new realities.
  11. Loved Blackberry over wife - not anymore!
pillar 2
The stories for the rejuvenation cities trackpoint the way to the infrastructure of tomorrow’s happiest cities:
  1. CapaCities of the hyper-connected City.
  2. Networks that know where you’re, what you’re doing, and what you need.
  3.  Rejuvenation cities soothing the senses.
  4. Mobile telepresencing infrastructure for all.
  5.  The path to automated highways.
  6.  Latest innovations in photonics networking.
  7.  Connected homes, inspired by IoE.
  8. Ambient spaces that react to our moods.
  9. Emerging cities of innovation.
  10. Leading a happy city, like an architect. 
  11. Winning the war of talented employment
pillar 3
Open sourcing of ideas will result in an explosive growth in consumer brands. The stories for thecreative retail track explores how best to engage consumers in the co-creation, designs and production of lifestyle and beauty products and experiences:
  1.  The evolution of open beauty.
  2.  Happy experiences, happier consumers. 
  3.  The boom of sustainable packaging.
  4.  New ventures in the shared retail space.
  5.  Conductive fibers that keep people warm.
  6. Open appliances closed by user  interactions. 
  7. Meaningful wearable devices shaping lives. 
  8. The new titans of retail innovation.
  9. Tackling aging and cognitive enhancement.
search of world record book of job creators

your 3 pillars interest me because technology for digital life is what naila has studied deeper for women since 1996 than woman; when I used to volunteer for eu knowledge portal collaboration city were the main invention thousands of us citizens and youth used to linkin; back in the 1980s I spent 4 years serving a client in tokyo whose market was about leading open beauty in ways that empowered women and linked cultures

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