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Comment by chris macrae on November 11, 2008 at 11:52am
History shows that the vast majority of human wealth and health was compounded exponentially over years. Conversely, the greatest destruction of human wealth or health can occur in a very few quarters. There is every reason in a networked world of system*system to expect that such crashes will be ever faster unless community–wide care proactively prevent risks from breeding. Note how so many dotcoms had sold into each other. Once one fell it started a chain reaction of others. Note that once there is a run on one bank that had been assumed to be impregnable, trust in many banks can evaporate in a flash.
Across many of the world’s largest organisations, the spreadsheet’s global age focused top management attention solely on how much did we take from the world every quarter is the greatest maths mistake –and attention disorder - ever. It is high time that we countered this error with an opposite governance system that reflects’ sustainability exponentials -the way nature demands systems of living relationships plays. If you –and enough people like you - know how to play this gameboard –or one mathematically equivalent to it - we can sustain the human race. Otherwise, if we dumbly bet against nature- she will probably just select ours as the latest species to go the way of the dinosaur.

The Gameboard 10-Win Relationship Game Maps Organisational Life

Relationships, contextualise purpose around 10 productive and demanding sources. The difference between conflict-free and conflict-ridden tensions determine whether future value multiplies sustainably up or crashes down . For the tensions of a purposeful system to integrate healthily, relentless governance is needed to ensure conflicts do not enter system.

You can also think of 10-win goodwill multiplication versus 10-lose badwill multiplication as molecular. You can zoom inside an organisation and model subsystems’ 10-relationship games. You zoom up to a global market sector and analyse sustainability or loss of it. You can look at how networks of 10-relatinships systems interface –literally map out systems connecting hundreds or thousands of relationships. However detailed mapping gets the maths of trust-flow is not that difficult. A ten old who can get the difference between multiplication and addition can get how the game flows. Moreover, entrepreneurial revolution surveys show that microeconomics models not macro ones explain whether markets are free to innovate solutions to human’s greatest needs.

Entrepreneurial System Exemplars of the Left Hand Side of gameboard

P1*P2 When you go back to the deepest innovations for humanity they started in small teams, often in community with desperate needs or with inter-generational family learning curves

P4*P5 When you look at the biggest threats to humanity, these compounded in big organizational systems where a few people’s actions somehow or another got disconnected from external realities

P3 Sandwiched in the middle of purposeful organisations are those who set big human goals for achieving next whilst not running out of financial or other thing resources

Entreperenurial System Exemlars of Right Hand Side of the gameboard

D1*D2 In service markets employees and consumers are intimately coupled – indeed a customer can tell how a boss treats an employee by the y the employee treats the customer

D1*D4 Employees in great service organizations love the elarning opportunity - to serve customers today whilst getting feedback from those customers who most know what society is going to differentially value next.

D4*D5 Meanwhile for a global mark
Comment by chris macrae on November 11, 2008 at 12:02pm
Thanks to people like Dr Yunus, Bangladesh has over 100000 professional facilitators and neteorkers of sustainability's exponential investment game. In NW hemispheres, few people have more experience of the Bangladeshi approach that Barrack Obama. The good news about one common maths error having caused so many sustainability and poverty crises is that we can network for sustainability now if you join in.


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