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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

The history of The Economist future shocks a lot of people including its customers. Born in 1843 it was a social action designed to rid big vested interests from London's parliament of superpower, dismantle Empire, and entrepreneurially return job creating assets and sustainble (exponential rising) futures to the people -not just British people as we see from founder James Wilson dying before his time working in Calcutta trying to reform Raj professions and their top-down rule books

My dad wrote there for 40 years 1949-1989. In tune with the founding culture of Scot James Wilson, Norman Macrae was a modest man (why should I or anyone want to celebrate me?) but thorougly immodest in raising debates he felt peoples - not goverment or other big systems - needed the freedom (of hi-trust markets) to lead. Late in life he met Dr Muhammad Yunus. By stroke of good timing 1976 was the year that both these trained microeconomists devoted the rest of their lives to entrepreneurial revolution What fun their ideas and youth can connect through the 2010s is one of the urgent mapmaking tasks of netgeneration

As Geofrrey Crowther, editor during The Economist's 1943 centenary wrote: It is still possible by social action to create a world of justice, freedom, fraternite and material welfare. In this great caravan, the journal of opinion if it be humble and honest has its place. The Economist has stayed with the caravan for longer than most. It hopes to stay a great while longer.

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