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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

Valuing Exponentials that move global system from inconvenient to whole truth

Beyond Bottom Lines To Future's Sustainability Exponentials
whole truth auditing of sustainability exponentials requires world to end monopoly of global accountants audits and indeed all disciplines whose macro models get sponsored by biggest and richest capitals alone;

for safe systems - let alone networks =system**N - auditing goodwill multiplication must be done at same cycle as how much cash did one side extract last quarter unless we want a networked century of 9/11's enrons, climate crisis , wall street meltdowns, compound risks to human sustainability

- the maths exists to resolve this as any social business modeller knows; the SMBAs are starting; its up to this and related FC networks to see where else we can spread the good news- since every sustainability crisis is caused by a common maths error; humans can quickly solve every sustainability crisis as long as we start trillion dollar auditing in time

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