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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

After a year of dialogue with Muhammad Yunus in 2008, he signed this map of various social and business models that are worth connecting if the networking peoples in 2010s are ever to resolve the sustainability exponentials crisis :

3 come from his work, one from my dad's and one from my own (trillion $ audit). It seems that the stage we must build trust round in 2010s is a microeconomics network- here's my most recent questions on this possibility

Dear Dr Yunus

we had a first 30 minute meeting on this at the Hotel Du Vin in Glasgow on 30 Nov 2008, one action from which was my dad's article for you on what to stop macroeconomists from doing in 2010s

The Economist will host party with 10 of the most influential media economists in dad's memory but getting them all to agree their dairy is apparently a 2 month process! Once that's done the more exciting process to survey around entrepreneurial hubs is how to invite between 20-50 other guests to quiz the big10

If I understand correctly Grameen France (through formal partnerships and empowering french youth celebrations) is changing how the world's capital is banked and stockmarketed in water and milk markets, and then perhaps other basic agricultures; I am wondering at what stage Grameen France takes this to the EU; in particular since the Italian translator of my dad's work on entrepreneurial revolution was Romano Prodi, would you like to join me in writing to Romano to see if he would host an EU party?

I am also wondering about Japan. As far as I know dad was the only western economist to be awarded the emperors media of the rising sun and with the current british ambassador to tokyo writing an obituary it might be the right time to ask Japan and british councils whether they will host a drinks party

I am not interested in furthering my family's name but zealous about how do we get enough economists connected in time to help youth and netizens make 2010s the most exciting job creating decade. Do you already have a dialogue circle of economists co-creating ideas on this ?

chris macrae

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