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This book is about a relationship view of organizations, markets, societies, life-critical local needs and worldwide networks. In 2008, the world woke up to Wall Street have compounded a terrifyingly wrong maths in the way it framed globalization as well as governed organisational systems. The world’s biggest maths error caused trillion dollar makers of investment banks and some insurance companies to disappear virtually over night. If we fail to learn the right lesson from this , globalisation will enter into a dark age that system mathematicians since Einstein have warned about. History shows that faulty governance has caused civilisations to self-destruct in particular geographical places. If humanity defaults on nature in a worldwide way, evolutionary law suggests species extinction is likely.

Those who are governing a relationship system need to appreciate the dynamics of spin. A networked world is one when more and more systems are interfaced with each other. Managers who do not know or care about system spin in a networked world have no more right to be in command than a driver of a car who doesn’t understand how to break.

All relationships systems compound one of two spins: a healthy one curving exponentially up or a collapsing one exponentially downwards. A healthy system involves win-win-wins between its coordinates and around its truth of purpose; a sick system is full of conflicts hose lose-lose-lose relationship destruct its purpose. A System is already spinning its forward exponentials up or down because most of a system at any given time is determined by quality integration of relationships which takes time to invest in . Wall Street not only detached itself from goodwill at the core of organisational systems but it got to a state of denial regarding goodwill’s multipliers. If you completely destroy any critical relationship of goodwill that multiplier zeroises- when you multiply by zero you get zero.

A transparent market is grounded in truth of purpose. This can be identified by asking the question : who in the world would uniquely miss what (productivities or needs) if this system or industry sector ceased to exist tomorrow. Making money is a by product of a healthy purpose. It is no more a relevant definition of truth of purpose of a market sector than making blood would be a relevant answer to asking you what is the purpose of the human species.

(John Mackey Whole Foods Speech )

Business systems need to have positive cashflow just as bodies must not continuously leak blood. However, any organisational system that is governed solely round extracting as much money as it can each quarter will exponentially lose its truth purpose. It will lose its own sustainability and cancer-like may lose the sustainability of other relationship systems it interfaces with. Just as human dna is made up of a double helix, human system need a double loop audit. At the same time as they add up how much money they have made they need to map what goodwill exponential into the future are we multiplying.

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