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End Poverty is number 1 job of any keynsian and millennials; future capitalism

In the late 1980s, the greatest maths mistake ever made was ordered onto the world by what became the 1990's 5 big global accountants. Their monopoly over boardroom minds had no whole truth way of auditing goodwill. Instead of openly debating how to resolve this, bits of goodwill were auctioned to other professions whose 100% correctness had also been to do with the industrial age's ownership of things not flows between people and definitely not boundaries between virtual networks, and productivity's second lives. We are now nearly a quarter of a century into compounding blindwill through the governance of the globe's largest organisational systems. Few Trillion Dollar Sector's exponentials into the future look healthy for every community.
Which globally "unfree" market will collapse next after carbon energy and investment banking? And as systems can only spin virtuously or viciously, blindess to a conflict cancerously entering a goodwill system can turn even the most wondrous constitution -eg declaration of independence into an opposite system. The only mathematical way to change the globalisation is getting deep into micro truths. Connecting people's summits around the most vital needs of lives. Uniting round the millennial goals is that opportunity now that hi-trust leadership stars are aligned across hemispheres with Obama NW , Yunus East, and Mandela South. Finding your peer's way onto this map is a once in many generations collaboration opportunity -wish you will be here

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